09 November 2021

Newton Co. Sheriff Ezell Brown Spectacularly Fails His "1st Amendment Audit"; Lawsuit Likely

 A civil liberty advocacy group & police watchdog, the Georgia Guardian, did a 1st Amendment Audit of the Newton County Sheriff's Office (see below). 

They actually arrested this guy for exercising his constitutional rights (though the Newton DA did later drop the charges.)

So...Ezell spectacularly failed his 1st Amendment Audit.
Another lawsuit for the NCSO.
I was wondering why Tommy Craig was doing somersaults there at the corner of College & Elm the other day. That’ll be a LOT of billable hours for the ole fella.

In addition, Abiyah Israel, a former law enforcement officer & now CEO of We The People University, also reported on this egregious violation on his YouTube channel which as of this time has garnered over 25K views as of this reporting. 

Here's Israel's synopsis: 

Guess What The Sheriff Did. Crazy Old Sheriff Becomes Brave When His Goons Arrive! 1A Audit Gone Bad Attacked By Overly Aggressive Sheriff For Filming. A lawsuit has been filed by this auditor. Newton County sheriff has proven not even he does not fully know and understand the law he has sworn to protect!

Here's his video: 

Just when you think the NCSO can't sink any lower, they pull a stunt like this.