05 December 2018

[MB McCart] - Wednesday Check-in, 12/5/18: What's Going on w/ the Covington P&Z? Unfair Treatment of Hairdressers? Stormwater Utility Shenanigans?

It's another beautiful day in the fairest city in the land, though a bit nippy. Hope all is well out there, friends! 

C-Town Representin'!

So, the city of Covington is best dang city on Earth - we all know this - but what of the actual city government? And I'm not necessarily talking about the elected officials here, although they naturally must be included in any conversations, but looking more at "staff" and some different departments (particularly Planning & Zoning) & also some of the different city-sanctioned commissions (Historic Preservation Committee, Board of Appeals & Adjustments, etc.)

Here's another thing that's got several folks riled up - Code Enforcement Officials Marshals are now proudly carrying firearms (still waiting on an answer as to whether or not they have arrest powers). About a year ago this ridiculously moronic idea was discussed & covered in the public discourse. Everyone went nuts about it. I personally spoke with the Mayor & at least one councilmember about it. Everyone thought it was DOA. Nope. They just waited a while to let things die down & then they passed it. So, remember, don't get too uppity with the city Marshals, lest you get shot dead.

Speaking of code enforcement, lots of complaints coming in about that, especially now, perhaps, that they're packing. That's going to be another story for another time, but those complaints are involved with some of the following items of consideration.

In addition to several other stories & happenings, this publication is working on upcoming stories on: 

- Individual hairdressers having to pay for separate business licenses on top of the business license the salon/shop they work at already has. Was never done until approx. 3 years ago. Now, the city is allegedly threatening to arrest folks who don't fork over the $100 for it (of course, now they might also get shot, too).

- Concerns, purportedly, about selective enforcement of zoning ordinances & historic districts along with possible bullying & unfair treatment of some citizens related to this. A piece on this should be out within the next day or two.

- Stormwater Utility Bills. Are they just not the absolute worst?  Basically a tax on rain, Covington, naturally (The C-town Way & all) , was one of the first cities in Georgia to enact this abomination to God. Now, almost two decades since this obviously unconstitutional "tax" was first approved, less than 8% of all cities in Georgia have been stupid enough to fall for this absolute violation of Natural Law. You may also be interested to know that Covington's stormwater rates are higher than the state average. Shocker, I know!

Having researched this thing quite a bit the last few years, I'm looking forward to actually going over some information with the city. I'm planning on doing that next week. What I'm real interested in is seeing what they're charging different property owners & if that matches up to their publicly-stated rates (surely it will be. Even the #COV wouldn't be that stupid). What I'm really interested in is seeing what liens the city has filed for non-payment, though. Word on the street is that they've been pretty selective with that. We'll see...

There's another big story pertaining to Covington as well that may actually eclipse all of the previous ones combined. But, there's only so much time in the day & in the words of Clint - A Man's GOT to know his limitations.

Check back often. DEVELOPING... 

- MBM 
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