31 December 2018

[Bess Tuggle] - Happy Mexico Beach Strong New Year!

Bless my lil’ heart…  Just when I get used to writing 2018 on everything it goes and changes on me again.  As if the day, date and month weren’t tough enough to keep up with.  The older I get, the quicker they all seem to go by.

When I was little, New Years Eve was always celebrated at my grandmother’s house.  The whole family piled in – and believe me, there’s a lot of us. The basement was packed, good music playing, drinks, dancing and everyone had a good time ushering in the New Year.  It wasn’t until years later that I figured out that they faked us kids out when we were really young.  Pretend it’s the New Year, put the kids to bed and then have fun!  I did get to the age where I was allowed to stay up until midnight.  Not that I can do it now, but I was proud and cranky when I finally got to.  I’ve got the party hats and noise makers to prove it!

With my kids we did the traditional camp fire.  If anyone got tired I could take ‘em home and tuck ‘em into bed.  They very seldom wanted to, but lil’ heads nodding was a definite sign.  Sometimes good snacks, guns and fireworks just ain’t worth it.
The BEST place to spend New Years Eve is Mexico Beach, Florida.  It’s a DOUBLE-whammy!!!  

Mexico Beach is on the Gulf of Mexico, and right next to the time line.  You get to start in Port St. Joe, enjoy the fireworks, and then move on to Mexico Beach to do it again.  There’s a bus system that takes you back and forth all night.  

Our tradition was to stay at the El Governor, and we took the granddaughters once for New Years.  Fifth Floor room (those are the best) and the girls had a blast.  Right on the ocean (they were proud to use the escalator while we supervised from the balcony), heated pool (which we laughed at because of chattering teeth getting in and out – but they were bound and determined to swim at the end of December), swam in the ocean (in jeans and t-shirts) and we didn’t have to go anywhere; full kitchen.  They could see both set of fireworks from the balcony in our room.  They could also crash in cozy beds without having to travel or be drug around anywhere when the festivities were over.  

Mexico Beach was hit hard by Hurricane Michael, but they’re coming back.  I’m wishing everyone a Mexico Beach Strong Happy 2019!!!   

- Bess Tuggle

Bess Tuggle