01 December 2018

[MBM] - Thoughts AFTER the SEC Championship Game

Well, damn...

Looks like my prediction missed the mark. Sorry ‘bout that.

The big difference for me this time, though, is that I really had hope & truly thought we’d score on that last play. The entire game experience for me was just superior! I hadn’t felt that way watching a GA game since...probably the ‘84 Cotton Bowl. True story.

But it didn’t happen that way, and that’s okay. It really is. The irony is pretty damn cruel, though. This time it was the former starter back-up QB who broke our hearts, not the formerly unknown back-up QB who broke our hearts 11 months ago.

I thought it was our time. Maybe not quite yet.
But it will. God knows it will. Plus, just look at the recruiting. Also, Saban’s looking old, irritated & exhausted, not to mention the fact that he purportedly worships Satan. 

As it is always, it’s a damn good night to be a Georgia Bulldog! I couldn’t be prouder.

P.S. But the fake punt, though, right? Just Damn...

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