06 February 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - A Government of Baby Murdering Satanists

The final days of America darken considerably. Year to year, week to week the rot grows and deepens until all that remains is a putrid sewer. Well, okay, it’s a putrid sewer with copious cheap beer and entertainment. The stupefied masses fail to (or pretend not to) notice the now rushing onslaught just as they failed to notice the previous creeping incrementalism.

Depending on the year, heartless Amerikans annually murder roughly one million defenseless and innocent unborn children. Obviously, Molock being a demanding god, this isn’t enough.

Enter the new “modest proposal” for satisfying the national youngling bloodlust: infanticide. New laws are redefining “late-term.”

A new law is in effect in New York and one was proposed in Virginia in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s potential overturn of Roe v. Wade (1973). The thought (the fear) is that Trump will pack The Nine with staunch conservatives who won’t hesitate to reverse the most odious juridical mistake since Dred Scott. Fear not, Satanists! That won’t happen - see my brief dismissal of “conservatives,” below.

As an interesting aside, one of the many lies artfully decorated in flowery legalese in justification of Roe was the need to protect women from “coat hanger” abortions performed in back alleys by the same dude who purveys speed and fake IDs. A review of the numbers, which I last ran around 2003, revealed that pre-Roe, something like 100 women died each year as a result of illegal, non-medical abortion procedures. Post-Roe, praise be to Baphomet, that number fell to the north of 1,000. Progress and safety!

Now, however, such precaution may be dispensed with. The new bills in both States allow for the killings to occur outside of hospitals, performed by non-doctors. An exciting new opportunity for the local dope dealer or ink peddler?

In New York, should a determined little “lump of tissue” somehow survive a late-term attempt on its life, the attending physician [SIC] may kill her on sight in order to complete the otherwise failed abortion.

So thrilled by these prospects was NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-Seventh Circle) that he ordered a celebration, complete with a special pink lighting of the World Trade Center.

You’ve come a long way, baby … now die. Picture by Fox News.

Cuomo’s support of the law, signing of the law, and celebration of the law has some questioning his titular Catholicism. A few more honest American Bishops have suggested he be excommunicated, officially sanctioning his existing technical departure from Christ. The odds of that happening, like those of a successful Roe reversal, are a might low.

Virginia’s House of Delegates recently turned down a similar legislative gift, proffered by of one of those new, vibrant “citizens,” every bit as American as any daughter of the Posterity.

Kathy Tran (D-Vietnam) floated HB 2491, aka “The Real ‘Nam Baby Killer Act,” which would have theoretically pushed aside NY’s law in a mad scramble for most hideous legislation of the year. Sadly, lovers of death and damnation, a less-than-enlightened subcommittee tabled Dragon Lady’s work of love, effectively ending it - for now. However, Virginia Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam (D-KKK) had just enough time to weigh in, supporting and explaining how a baby, having survived an abortion, only to subsequently die, could be resuscitated … so it could be killed properly…

"If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother [about aborting the child, POST-birth]."

“Coonman” got the nickname back when he was either wearing blackface, wearing Klan robes, or allowing black-faced Klan robe pictures on his college yearbook page.

Picture courtesy of Eastern Virginia Medical School and Klavern and Ralph “Coonman” Northam, (D-KKK), an old drunk doctor and infanticide enthusiast.

Yet another Democrat with ties to the KKK. Quelle surprise.

What is surprising is the way the GOP, in Virginia and elsewhere, reacted to the situation. Yes, they, in their deepest bow tie voices of concern, called on Northam to resign over his admittedly racist behavior. The virtue signaling will buy Republicans exactly zero non-white votes in 2020; Northam, for his part, has declined to go quietly.

Why wasn’t the same resignation demand directed at Northam based on his support for murdering children!?!? Answer: just as one can usually count on a Southern Democrat to keep sheets in the closet, one can usually count on conservatives to hold no convictions about anything. That’s why they consistently fail to conserve anything.

A very short and incomplete list of things conservatives fail(ed) to conserve, protect, or prevent:

  • Massive third-world invasion;

  • Skyrocketing debt;

  • Illegal control of the economy by a private corporation;

  • The Pentagon on 9/11/2001;

  • The women’s restroom at Disneyland, Target, etc.; and

  • The murder of millions of American children.

Do not look to the limp-wristed descendants of William F. Buckley to do anything other than surrender in the face of even the slightest opposition. Instead, hope - should there be any - will likely only come from the opposition. In their never-ending quest to kill babies, liberals may finally go too far and accidentally repeal the homicide laws entirely. If that happens, I’ll let you know. Stand by the rifles in case we get a chance to abort this evil.

LATE UPDATES: Even Democrats want Northam to resign. This is especially understandable concerning black Democrats. (Maybe, it’s time to rethink that 95% party allegiance thing??) Northam also isn’t sure that he was in THAT blackface picture … although he recalls participation in similar blackface shenanigans. The story broke after former classmates were upset about Northam’s support for Tran’s infanticide act. Thank you, real doctors! However, other classmates, including black associates, say they know for a fact Northam isn’t a racist. There’s turmoil all over the VA executive branch, with new allegations about the Lt. Governor. MSM Fake News, Inc. flips and flops uselessly. And, other than those upset former classmates, few care about the dying children. Should Trump want another emergency to look into…


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