12 November 2020

A Letter From the Editor: TPC Gonna TPC - This is How We Do It

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

Greetings, GA Piedmont, and I hope this post finds you well. 

Interesting times are upon us, no doubt, & what a year 2020 has been! 

Politically, things are pretty terse right now. 

But hey - it's almost Thanksgiving... 

So, for Yours Truly, I'll be on sabbatical/walk-about for the rest of the year, but fear not, Dear Readers, you can definitely count on our CFF Feature Writer, National Affairs Correspondent & All Around Political, Prepper Gadfly - Mr. Perrin Lovett - to keep us in tune w/ the REAL Story at the federal level. 

Also -- BIG NEWS -- our wayward & busy philosopher - Ryan Ralston - is supposed to be back again contributing very soon. 

And look for at least two pieces from our Gal on the Scene, Ms Kayla La'sure. 

But what about Da & Bess, I can already hear a few of you asking. Good question! 

Keep in mind, too, that - chances are - I'll be writing in this space at least a time or two (or more?) during the next six weeks; but, just in case, hope you have a Happy Turkey Day (Gobble, Gobble), Merry Xmas & Have a Happy, Have a Happy, Have a Hap-Hap-Happy New Year!