30 November 2020

A Quick Check-in From the Editor: TPC Update; The POTUS Situation; The Deep State Strikes Back; Affairs Local

By MB McCart, Ed. 

Howdy, Gang. Hope this post finds everyone well, and hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. 

I had an interesting week in that I was sick as a dog the entire time. I believe I had a nasty virus/stomach flu that then apparently morphed into a bad cold. For the record, I tested negative for COVID 19, to the disappointment of many, I'm sure, who maybe would've felt like it was poetic justice for me to get it. Well, no such luck. You'll just have to keep hating America & Freedom while being generally insufferable & becoming more & more intolerable. 

Alas, just a couple of weeks ago I'd given my plans of taking a sabbatical in this space but it seems as if the contributing staff here at the ole newssite (sans the ole workhorse pro Perrin, of course), has up & disappeared on me, so here I am, thrust into action. I do it all for you, Dear Reader. It's all for you. 


So, hard to believe that we're coming up on one month since the infamous election of 2020. Where are we at? 

Well, I for one, like many others, truly believe that we witnessed wholesale, widespread election fraud. I can already hear the aforementioned haters screeching -- tHeRe'S nO pRoOf oF tHaT!!1! 

Actually, there is. And regardless of how things go down, we will be seeing a lot these next couple of weeks that will, in my estimation, make that abundantly clear. 

In the meantime, here are a few things to ponder on: 

Patrick Basham, a Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute, writing over at The Spectator, has an incredible piece on all of the anomalies we saw on election night. Just like Mr. Basham, I guess you can lump me into the crank/conspiracy theorist camp (but for those who know me, hasn't that where I've always been?).

Newt Gingrich is also aboard Team Crank.  

And for anyone who's actually taken the time to research these lawsuits recently filed in Georgia & Michigan - and have the ability to not blindly absorb what their phones tell them to - there really is a lot there. 

Look out soon here at TPC for a heavy hitting piece from our National Affairs Correspondent, Mr. Perrin Lovett, on this situation. 


Based on Biden's own words & actions as of late, if he is elected as POTUS next year, we will see a return to the Deep State, a Wolfowitzian foreign policy & the NeoCon War Machine of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama years. Here's a good piece by Steve Brown writing at the Ron Paul Institute that gives a good rundown. Get ready for 4 years of liberals & never trumpers learning how to stop worrying & loving the bomb. 


The Great Covington SK8 Scourge of 2020 

Fleeta doesn't like these skateboarders, no sir, not one bit. And just like w/ the redneck teenagers w/ their loud trucks & rap/bro country music, she is not impressed!