09 November 2020

Perrin Lovett: Nuclear Disarmament?

Move over, Jack Handey. Today, we have some deep thoughts here of all places. Let’s take a break from the exciting election lawsuits of 2020 and discuss world peace!

The following was motivated by something I said in one of my new video podcasts for Freedom Prepper. It was also, roundabout, the subject of a comment left on that or another video. But first, as this kicks off with FP, I have something better than international harmony to share with you!

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Crass commercial solicitation out of the way, let’s get serious for once in this even crazier-than-normal electoral week. As I noted above, one of our beloved commenters left these thoughts: “We were the first ones to drop a nuclear bomb. I sure hope we aren’t the last.” I assume he meant that he hopes no more bombs are ever dropped, such being my inclination.

Concerning the coming dissolution of the United States, as a forced internal collection of nations and as an international empire, I asked: “Who gets the nukes?” To my knowledge, no one else has broached that potentially pressing issue. In fact, most might be stumped at the notion of the US following the path of all other empires. Be that as it may, the question is still valid.

For some time, there will likely exist a rump state centered in Washington. I imagine its main purpose will be to harass and make war on those other emerging independent polities. If given the time, and if blessed with someone with a modicum of forethought (what an if!), then that government would be the most probable answer. It is also possible that the arsenal could be divided up, by agreement or otherwise. How that works out, I do not know. However, given all that has happened, all that is unfolding, and the terrible potential of the subject matter, it might be wise to start, sooner than later, to decrease the volume of the weapons at issue.

In world history, only one nation, South Africa, has ever built and then completely scrapped nuclear weaponry. Their underlying reasons in the 1980s mirror those plausible for the current US more than most would like to admit. If the US goes down the same peaceful path, even as to a percentage of the current stock, then I advise that the other atomic countries join in!

Here’s my grand idea to rid the world of nuclear war. The current nuclear powers would have to work together on this project. Any new member of the club (Iran, etc.) should be invited in. By crossed-examined processes, of some kind, the nations should systematically reduce the total number of weapons down to a small, manageable figure. We’ll say, “fifty,” for convenience sake. Why keep any? Deterrence, both against a treacherous project member, a new player, or some rogue actor in the future.

The fifty final warheads could be loaded into submarines jointly owned and operated by the navies of the participating countries, with a rotating command and control system to ensure that no one country has total possession or usage. The subs, whatever their number, should be kept as secret as possible, along with their bases, tritium resupply facilities, etc. Under this cautious approach, it would be very difficult for, say, France to initiate a nuclear exchange with India, if the only available weapons were, at the time, in Russian and Pakistani stewardship. The use of at least two subs, with alternating international commands, would quash the urge of a participating nation or faction to abuse the system. Also, no rogue state would want to step out of line, knowing that somewhere the world community held means of substantial retaliation. Rogue asteroids might also pay similar respectful attention (assuming much, there).


This whole scheme assumes much, and I realize its chances of implementation or even serious consideration are essentially zero. This entry was a substitution and about the best that I could come up with during this most unusual week in the most unusual year. For what it’s worth! Still, there it is - I have done my small part for peace. Should you have a different or a better idea, then we’re all waiting. Back to the sales angle, I have a better coffee, samples of which we are all waiting on.