04 November 2020

TPC Real Politick -- The Morning After: Talkin' Local, State & Federal

By MB McCart, Ed.  

Trust that everyone is feeling nice & refreshed this morning. I know I sure am! Let's get right to it. 

As we've been seeing for over a decade now, Newton Co. keeps getting bluer & bluer. It's a fact & there's no disputing it. 

Wasn't surprised one bit by the Tax Commissioner flip, nor did I much care. I think many saw that one coming. Dana was weighed down by Dingler & let's face it - that's a lot of weight. 

What was shocking for this writer - and many others - was the 56/44 split for the Sheriff's race. I'd been (probably, maybe a little too) optimistic about Ken Malcom's chances, but even if he was going to come up short, I figured it'd be a lot closer. Very surprising; very disappointing. 

There's an old saying in politics that it's all about the numbers. The numbers are the numbers & the numbers don't lie. I'm looking forward to really delving into all of the expanded data once the results are certified. At this point, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Team Blue won the battle of new registrations as well at the GOTV activities. The Dems' lead from early & absentee voting was just too much to overcome & it sounds as if the election day turnout was maybe a little softer than expected. 

Is what it is. 

The most disappointing race of the night had to be the Coroner's race. A good man & a hard worker - my friend, Tommy Davis - got put out of office strictly over identity politics. He lost because of the color of his skin... 

But hey -- T-SPLOST went down, thank the Big Lady upstairs! Man, I needed that one. If it'd passed I might be curled up into a ball in my closet. The People said HELL NO! and I'm glad for it. 

Also, Ronnie Cowan & Stan Edwards were reelected to BOC 5 & 1, respectively. Congratulations, gentlemen. And while I may have missed the mark on a couple of elections, I called - almost down the exact number - the splits we saw in those two races a couple of months ago. So, maybe I'm not a complete hack...? 


The infamous Jungle Primary of Georgia in the year of our Lord 2020 has occured & it was everything I hoped it'd be. I voted for friend & longtime conservative-libertarian activist Allen Buckley & I'm glad I did. Looked like Loefller had that vital final boost of momentum to overcome the insufferable Doug Collins (what an A$$hole!) to make it to the runoff against Preacher Man. 

W/ the Purdue Senate race I was happy as a clam to be in my usual 2-3% club voting for Libertarian (REAL Deal) Shane Hazel. When are Democrats going to learn to put Ossoff away in the corner, in a box w/ a rock on the lid? The guy's never gonna win a statewide election in GA. He's just too...Ossoff. 


I've been parsing the data & I'm thinking Trump's gonna win the thing. 

We shall see. 

No matter what, the sun rose from the east this morning & the sky's still blue; we didn't get hit by that meteor. So there's that. And here in Newton Co. our one dollar McDonald's biscuit will still be $1.07 after tax instead of $1.08. 

It's all good.