02 November 2020

MB McCart: How I'm Voting Tuesday, November 3rd

 Hello, friends, and welcome back to TPC - Your Source for the REAL Story! 

So, what an election cycle, right? And 2020 - what a year!? 

We're almost there, folks, and that's something that I think we can all agree is a good thing. 

Ed. Note: please know that none of the following are endorsements, per se, this is just how your erstwhile, semi-esteemed Editor is voting


Donald J Trump 

You know, as at least a couple of you know, I've never voted for a major-party candidate for President in my life.

In 1996, my first year eligible to vote in this race, I pulled my ballot for Ross Perot, and I'm sure glad I did. In 2000 I voted for the Libertarian - Harry Browne; 2004 - Libertarian Michael Badnarik; 2008 - Libertarian Bob Barr & in 2012, I voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In 2016, maybe in a moment of weakness, I cast a protest-protest vote & wrote in the Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Why? That's a good question... 

Look, people, I've been railing against the deep state for a quarter of a century - they are REAL. They are a problem. 

DJT. He's a buffoon, right? Absolutely.

Homeslice won't stay off of Twitter? Yep.

A total lack of self-discipline? Seemingly. 

But, it's all about perspective. When you had the entire bureaucratic leviathan of the federal government running a straight-up coup against you, perhaps you maybe might've reacted the same way? 

And remember: 

Russian Collusion. Total lies. 

The Ukraine foolishness the Dems tried to impeach him for? The epitome of gaslighting & projection by the deep state. Hell, people, you've got Joe Biden on video admitting to it. 



Look, I'm an action man. 

Criminal Justice Reform? Check. 

Tax Overhaul? Check. 

Changing 102 years of foreign policy? A big, damn check. 

So he banned the rednecks' bump stocks & he started manipulating the Fed to work for the common man instead of the unholy alliance of Big Biz/Big Tech/Big Pharma/MIC/Deep State. 

What an A$$hole! 


US Senate (Special Election for Isakson) 

Allen  Buckley 

A true libertarian, tax attorney & a friend of mine that I've had the privilege to know for 18 years, if we could send this genius to D.C. we just might have a chance; however, in this jungle primary highlighted by the worst of the worst, he doesn't stand a chance. That's fine. I'll still be extremely proud to vote for him. 

US Senate (Perdue) 

Shane Hazel 

A true, unapologetic Libertarian. I'm pumped to vote for him. 

GA State Senate 17 

Kelly Rose 

Only because she's hot...

Newton Co. Sheriff 

Ken Malcom 

Our Next Sheriff, I Truly Hope! 

Newton Co. Coroner 

Tommy Davis 

A Good Man! 

Alcovy Circuit DA 

Destiny Bryant 

BOC 5 

Ronnie Cowan 




Thanks for reading, 

- MB McCart