18 November 2020

A Moment From MB -- Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In: Madam Coroner, GA Election Hijinks, This & That...

Dear Readers, 


Jesus take the wheel, ammaright? 

2020 -- The Year That Just Keeps on Giving

Madam Coroner 

Still to this day, Dorothea Bailey-Butts, as I understand it, still hasn't reached out to current Newton Co. Coroner Tommy Davis, the longtime, highly regarded three-term incumbent she bounced out due to racism (or, as some would say, voting irregularities...). 

Really not surprising since she and her surrogates - including useful idiots such as Terry Godfrey,  the Madam's personal photog  - have been accusing, without proof, the current Coroner of being corrupt. 

Never forget this, Dear Readers -- a good, decent man was removed from office simply for the color of his skin. MLK is rolling over in his grave as I type this... 

So, The People's Coroner, who is looking for Coroner Cadets, will take over this all-too-important Constitutional Office come January. Like I've said publicly a few times -- I sure hope I don't die of mysterious circumstances over the next four years. 

But seriously, what happens when law enforcement reaches out to the Coroner's Office & then they simply don't respond. What happens then? 

We'll likely find out in a couple of months. 


Obviously there's something rotten in the State of Georgia. 

To me, the big question is this -- has Brian Kemp pissed away any & all of his goodwill at this point? 

It's looking that way.

As I publicly spoke of five years ago, at some point the final ride of the Great American Scream Machine of American Politics is going to happen, and  as that roller coaster is catching on fire, there'll obviously be collateral damage... 


I wrote a FB post previously, recently, about how DJT/45 is the most pro-Peace & anti-War POTUS we've had since Ike. Based on any objective reality, that's a given, but the sycophants who only listen to what their phones tell them still can't wrap their heads around that obvious fact. 

The shills on the left are almost (probably worse) as bad as their counterparts on the hard right. 

It's these people that keep us from having the nice things we deserve. 

Never forget that.