08 January 2021

A Letter From The Editor Concerning the Current State of Affairs

 A Few Thoughts

Regarding the hand wringing & anxiety of my friends on the right over the results of the runoff, I really don't think there's much to worry about. There's a guy named Joe Manchin who is US Senator from West Virginia. He's also more conservative than several GOP members of that body. While it may be 50/50 w/ the Veep as a tiebreaker, none of the crazy stuff is gonna happen. Manchin already has said there's no chance of him voting for the $2000 per person after Biden takes office.
To some of my more Democratic & Progressive-leaning friends, there's a lot of broad brush strokes going on out there, and certainly some hypocrisy. And I guess individual responsibility continues to become more & more lost on many in our society.
To me, what is most concerning right now is reading the following current headlines:
- "Google Suspends Parler From Google Play"
- "Facebook Deletes Page for 'Walk Away' Movement"
- "Reddit Bans Pro-Donald Trump Forum"
- "Apple Threatens to Ban Parler"
- "Conservative Journalist Banned from Facebook for Covering Capital Hill Siege"
Now for the folks that know me, you know I'm definitely not a MAGA guy, but as I've always said -- I'm not a Never Trumper, either. I've called Trump out more than I praised him over these last four years.
But people -- what's going on right now is not a good thing, I assure you.
We need to get past the 'what' & delve into the 'why.' 75 million voted for DJT. Millions feel disenfranchised. We can't split into two countries. It'd never work. Plus, I wouldn't want to be in either one of them.
Also, many questions need to get answered about yesterday's events. There needs to be a very thorough & rigorous investigation & analysis of what transpired, who was involved & so on & so forth.
Regardless, this isn't working. We need to figure something out... - MB McCart