31 January 2021

A TPC News Report: Madam Coroner Being Sued for $12K by JPMorgan Chase

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

This publication has learned that JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Plaintiff, have filed a complaint w/ the Superior Court of Newton Co, State of Georgia, in an attempt to collect a purported debt in the amount of $12,156.74, against the current Coroner of Newton Co - Dorothea Y Bailey-Butts, named as Defendant. 

On a sidebar, as a point of personal privilege & for the record, I'd just like to relay that I have passed on many, many stories pertaining to the finances, personal life, legal issues, etc. of a whole host of elected & appointed officials over the years for various reasons; however, in light of Madam Coroner's recent request for additional funds for her constitutional office & particularly in light of the vicious & lie-driven campaign she recently ran, this story definitely seemed needed, pertinent, proper & apropos


- MB McCart 


  1. Voting for color rather than experience will make you just as much of a loser as that loser you voted for.

  2. You should know, y'all have been doing it for years.

  3. Racism & Identity Politics

    A terrible thing.

    FWIW, it's looking as if at least a few Persons of Color have learned their lesson on this.

    There are obviously more important things in this world that the color of one's skin.

    One thing that all colors can agree on is this - you don't mess around w/ the recently departed. That's the one truth that "Madam Coroner" never got.

    Her disdain & disrespect for the deceased has been well documented & is absolutely sickening.

    If she has a shred of self dignity, she'll resign her position tomorrow.

    But...let's face it - she won't.

    There's already more. The last two deaths under her purview have more issues & concerns.

    As I understand it, the Governor can go ahead & end this abomination. Please, Mr. Governor, come & help Newton Co.

    Regardless, the Alcovy Judicial Circuit DA is already investigating, as I understand it.

    - MBM

  4. This is what you get when you allow identity politics to rule. It's time to get out.

  5. This is sad, I'm black but I didn't vote for her because she doesn't have any experience in the field, her previous attempts at office were campaigned on her being a nurse. Nurses care for the living not the dead which made our former coroner better suited for the job with him being in the funeral industry,but we'll see how this plays out I guess.

  6. I don't think she had to even campaign, hell I only saw 1 sign in 6 months driving in NC everyday.

  7. The same people here that wants her out because she has no experience, are the same people who voted for 45 with no experience. I wonder if this is racially motivated ��

    1. No, it's not. There are multiple black folks who want her gone.

      She is, in my estimation, a narcissistic sociopath who is wholly unqualified & totally incompetent & is already responsible for two (likely three) lawsuits for a county that simply can't afford it.


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