31 January 2021

A TPC News Report: Madam Coroner Being Sued for $12K by JPMorgan Chase

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

This publication has learned that JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., as Plaintiff, have filed a complaint w/ the Superior Court of Newton Co, State of Georgia, in an attempt to collect a purported debt in the amount of $12,156.74, against the current Coroner of Newton Co - Dorothea Y Bailey-Butts, named as Defendant. 

On a sidebar, as a point of personal privilege & for the record, I'd just like to relay that I have passed on many, many stories pertaining to the finances, personal life, legal issues, etc. of a whole host of elected & appointed officials over the years for various reasons; however, in light of Madam Coroner's recent request for additional funds for her constitutional office & particularly in light of the vicious & lie-driven campaign she recently ran, this story definitely seemed needed, pertinent, proper & apropos


- MB McCart