04 January 2021

Election Day Part Deux: Electric, Eclectic Boogaloo

By MB McCart, Ed.  

4 January 2021 

In re the two GA Senate runoff elections

Happy New Year, folks. As I write this it looks like we'll have about 22 hours more of these damn political ads. Jeez, what a sh!tshow. Both the Rs & Ds have had enough of it, and especially us GDIs/Independents?Unaffiliated types. 

And the amount of money spent? Damn, just obscene! 

Oh well, it's about to be over soon, thank the Good Lord. 

The REAL Story

The political parties and - most especially - the political consultants & pundits, have made a killing off of these two elections, which was the goal all along; however, it was all much ado about de nada. 

The balance of power had already been decided considering Joe Manchin is a U.S. Senator in the Great State of West Virginia. Even w/ Radical Rafeal & Beta Boy Ossoff winning, there wouldn't be a chance for the green new deal, packing the SCOTUS or anything else. 

I keep wondering if a large number of my fellow American Qualified Electors will ever get tired of being played like fiddles? Eh, probably not, right? 

So my predictions for tomorrow: 

Kelly 51/49 
Ossoff 51/49 

Regardless, thank God it's almost over.