23 January 2021

Quick Weekend Check-in: Local News; Updates at TPC; A Moment From Us

Hey friends, 

So what's the 411 w/ all of this local political excitement? Well, glad you asked... 

Let's get to the proverbial elephant in the living room first. 

Madam Coroner 

Just damn... 

You can get some background here if you want, courtesy of that other publication

So, a few things: 

- she's obviously incompetent & unqualified 
- she has no idea what she's doing (why did she run for this?) 
- she's a little rough around the edges 
- but she can do a pretty legit slow jam rap, so there's that. 

She better watch out for a lawsuit, though, if she keeps it up. 

The following, based on my research, does seemed to have happened: 


A Recall process is supposed to begin first of next week

Stay tuned... 


The fire station controversy has been quite the thing. Though already approved & slated for construction contingent upon a bond issuance, the Newton Commissioners for district 2, 3 & 4 decided they wanted to get some stuff, too. 

However, per a public statement last night, BOC3 Commish Alana Sanders has stated that it will get approved after a month regardless of anything else. 

TPC would like to commend Commissioner Sanders for engaging w/ the public like she has. 

So far, so good, Madam Commissioner. Keep up the good work! 


A big week, next week, for the ole publication: 

- Assoc. Editor Kayla La'sure & Yours Truly will be doing our first Collab together -- a TPC Profile Piece of the new Executive Chef over at 5 O'Clock, the one & only George. This guy is the truth & he puts out AMAZING food! 

- Our Editor Emeritus & I are beginning a new point; counterpoint series -- "Where We Stand." Our first one will be: "The Future of the GOP" 

That's all for now, folks. TTYS.