19 June 2017

[TPC] - The C-town Beat

...another big week in the home county... 

big week of music this past saturday evening 

My group, Sweet Harmony, put on a show that, by all accounts, was pretty epic & many thought it was one of our best ones ever! Karl the Soundman dialed us in a killer sound, we were all in the zone, and it was just a fantastic show.

Over at the Mystic, local fave Leighlynn Shine did their thing, and I have no doubt that they were fantastic, like they almost always are.

And to top of the trifecta, Newton native and now Nashville fella, Drew Parker, was playing down in Porterdale.

There were several other big shows all throughout Covington & Newton. Man, what a scene we've got here. Very cool.

lots of moving parts 

It seems as if the Newton BOC could not handle prosperity and decided to grab some defeat from the mouth of victory. Wow, they've really stepped into it with the ambulance thing, haven't they? Do away with that particular millage only to roll into the general fund. "Sofa King, We Todd Did!" Apparently, they're now going to "revisit" things...

The city of Covington seemed to be kind of quiet this past week, but that'll be changing as they have their second meeting of the month tonight. Per usual, a constant desiring of some for just more of that good ole government. So many folks pray to the altar of "There Should Be a Law!" And for the record, those stupid signs on the north and south side of the Square with the code about bicycles & skateboards being prohibited from city sidewalks? Well, friends, they're ugly, unsightly & are messing up the aesthetics of our town square, in my estimation. And this all became a big deal because, what, one person, and maybe a second, almost got knocked down by a kid on a skateboard. In the words of Al Pacino from the movie "Heat," bad things can happen almost all the time, even when you're just "walkin' your doggie."

It's called life.

But, that's just the ole .02.

In closing, I'd like to mention something I saw the other day. I ran into a good Doctor the other day. Him and the Missus were eating at Amici. Right before they left, it started to rain pretty bad. Fortunately, they had an umbrella. So I watched them walk out to their car up on the northwest corner of College Ave. and saw something that...kindly kind of gave me the vapors a bit...The Good Doctor made sure to hold out the umbrella completely over her and therefore got the entire back of his very nice dress shirt and slacks completely drenched while his bride of...maybe getting close to 50 years...stayed completely dry. It was very sweet. That's certainly a couple in love, I'd think.

More to come this week. Hope it's all good out there. Until next time.

Your Pal,

MB McCart