19 June 2017

[TPC] - A Write-up by Guest Columnist, Samuel Hay

*ed. note: Sam Hay, III is a multi-generational Newtonian who has been a writer and pressman for almost his entire life - well over 50 years. Truly one of the Living Legends of the home county, we're always proud to have his contributions. Thanks, as always, for reading. - MBM 


- A write-up by Samuel Hay, Guest Columnist 

My personal choice for dinner tonight. Living in New Orleans, food was just remarkable. Fortunately I learned how to cook a lot of it. We have holiday meals that usually are Cajun and Creole or with a big steel and mortar smoker in the back yard, ribs and BBQ. 

But one of the most memorable things about my days in New Orleans was a guy who sold tamales on the street corner out of a little push cart like an ice cream cart. His name was Manuel. While I was there he expanded to supplying some local restaurants not the least of which was Augies Delago. (Meaning on the water) Augies was a three story building on the lakefront which served appetizers and booze. There was always live music. There were always sailboats from around the world that would sail into Lake Pontchartrain and tie up just to get some New Orleans time and Augies was the place.I met people there from all over the world.Unfortunately years later Augies burned down and the City Marina off West Esplanade is located there now. 

Cindy was going to bring catfish today but she had to leave town for Nashville so we are looking forward to that next Sunday. 

In the meantime we whipped up some Manuel style tamales. And sauce. Always using ground beef instead of chicken or pork. AND you gotta know we steam them in real corn husks! So it was a good day!

The end of the story, back in New Orleans visiting friends and attending our 12th Mardi Gras, we are on the interstate and get passed by this tractor trailer truck which has painted on the side of it, "MANUELS TAMALES"! I would have to say our old pal made it big.