02 June 2017

[TPC] - Can the GA GOP save itself? Alex Johnson, for the win?

[State of GA]

[Newton Co.]

(North C-town; 2 June '17) -

It is, as always, so good to be with you again, dear readers.

Augusta, GA is the where; the GA GOP State Convention is the what; Alex Johnson is most assuredly the who.

For those in the Georgia Liberty movement, and for some - e.g. me -  that goes all the way back to 2007 when Dr. Ron Paul declared and started a movement that none of the "experts" could have ever imagined, the fact that Attorney Alex Johnson is the odds on favorite to capture the coveted seat of Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party is quite the thing.

I first met Alex...I think, actually, in 2011. By that time I was a seasoned Ron Paul Republican. I was quite impressed with this young fella. He was obviously brilliant. But moreover, you could tell he was truly passionate of things like Freedom, Liberty, Justice, Equity, etc & et al

Fast forward a year, and against all odds, and this young, upstart Liberty/TEA darling wowed everybody in Columbus, GA - including, per the word, the "smooth operator" & the ultimate convention chair, himself, Mr. Randy Evans, Esq.

It was closer than anybody could have ever imagined.

So, fast forward three years from then - to May of 2015 - in the Classic City, Athens, GA.

Multiple compelling story lines that year. Alex, as even the lion's share of Padgett supporters would have told you, was by and far the best candidate, but it wasn't quite yet his time. Whereas Columbus saw a split in the 60/40 range, Athens gave us more of a 55/45 type deal.

Now, we find ourselves in the first week of June of '17, and Alex Johnson is peaking, as he has been for the last six months. McNeely could never get traction against him. Watson, the closet democrat and political operative, who most interlopers are pulling for, could never really do a thing because he supports democrats and is more interested in making money with his consulting work, allegedly; and also supporter of gun grabbers. He seemingly would just be a continuation of the current regime - being financially reckless and handing out money to all of the inside consultants. 

Unfortunately - and grave apologies to Ryan Maloney - I will not be able to collect my credentials in good ole Augusta, GA, tomorrow morn'. A new assignment presented itself - covering the Gregg Allman funeral procession in Macon, GA. Duty calls, and I'm here to serve. Hope that everyone gets that.

I have, however, at least four correspondents signed up who will be on the delegation floor tomorrow. Expect multiple reports.

Your pleasure is our pleasure, good people, and we aim to please.

Until we meet again.

Your friend,

MB McCart