01 June 2017

[TPC] - An idea that may help the Newton Co. BOC from raising the millage rate

[State of GA] 
[Newton Co.] 

(North Covington * 1 June '17) - Greetings, readers. So...at least a few of our esteemed Board members here in Newton Co. are ready to just throw up their hands and basically say, "Hey! Let's take the easy way out and just bump that millage rate up a couple mills."

How 'bout no. We're already seeing a rather large de facto tax increase with these soaring property valuations. For them to increase the rate...well, if just doesn't seem right.

So. Here's a thought:

A couple of years back Keith Ellis, BOC Chair at the time, in his "infinite wisdom," decided that we needed to have metal detectors at both the county administration building and the historic courthouse and that they needed to be staffed by county deputies. It was a bad idea at the time, and a bad one now.

Retail stores and shops don't have metal detectors. The city of Covington doesn't have them. Why should Newton Co.?

Sell those things and quit having to pay for those deputies.

That's at least about a $100,000 saved per annum. Hell, it's a start...

Thanks for reading.

Your pal,

MB McCart