04 June 2017

[TPC] - Sunday Morning Comin' Down - News of Gregg Allman, GA GOP & Miscellany

    North Covington, Newton Co., GA, USA

Howdy, folks, hope it's good out there. Well, at least in North Covington, it's rainy & dreary - it's a perfect type of weather for the current & prevailing mood.

We went down to Macon, GA yesterday. Me and one of the Chiefs, and also the Artist/Teacher & the Carpenter. We ate at The Rookery, staked out a great spot at the hill at the front of Rose Hill Cemetery, and then I, along with upwards of a thousand other folks, got to witness Gregg Allman being laid to rest.

Look for an online piece at CovNews.com tomorrow early afternoon on this event, and then look for a very expansive piece here at TPC, probably on Tuesday evening.

It was a momentous and somber, but very beautiful and uplifting experience.

The Death Rattle of the GA GOP? 

Widespread and multiple reports of hijinks & shenanigans with any number of things: tabulation concerns, duly elected delegates being locked out, the changing and suspending of rules. Hey, it's the GAGOP - their pride and egos and a possible and alleged desiring to keep their dirty deeds from being exposed is, according to at least one source, apparently more important to them than trying to save our country and state. If that's the case, then that's just sad and pathetic. It also needs to be dealt with.

Look for an expansive, kind of stream-of-consciousness piece drawing from multiple collaborators & correspondents here at TPC at around mid-morning tomorrow.

Odds & Ends

Look for my weekly column, "The Alcovy Telegraph," in today's Covington News. Living section, page 5B. After Hours, Arts & Culture, Food & Dining, and Local Happenings. We discuss the ongoing situation with the hospitality drinks & brown-bagging situation. 

Did you know there's a fair number of folks - many who get paid by the Government - who think that if a certain thing is not expressly mentioned in the codes, then that means it's automatically & always prohibited. And that apparently also includes the city Atty. Well...they're wrong. Did you also know that municipalities are basically just corporations? 

Things are starting to reach a breaking point for the city of Covington. It's a time for choosing. One side will lose - hell, they already are. It's time they get the memo; patience is wearing very thin.

Well alright, gang, we'll be back in touch w/ y'all again very soon. Have a great Sunday.

Your friend & semi-esteemed Editor,

MB McCart