13 October 2018

[Perrin Lovett] - Double-Hitter: Democracy in America & Tolerating Totalitarian Tolerance

Democracy in America: A Charming Children’s Story

(Originally published Sunday, May 17, 2015 at www.perrinlovett.me).


I wrote this one a while back. M.B. always liked it and he’s been hounding me to repost it here. So, here goes. I reread and, in addition to still seeming funny, it’s still relevant. A few minor changes have been made to the body; at the end, you will find a short “update” commentary. Enjoy.


Last week I mentioned that an election was coming.  I also presented my own favorite candidate – Frank the Frog.  Frank will not win and the election is in vain.  Vote if you care. I don’t.
The Illustrious Barry Hussein El Islam Muhammad Obama the Magnificent has finished the job begun by his predecessors – the country is in ruins.  For his replacement, the Democrats have dug to the very bottom of the bag of wrinkled has-beens, to one Hillary Clinton, the wife of “good times” Bill, the Slickster.
The Republicans have other, similar ideas.  They would foist upon the people yet a third member of the Bush clan.  Obviously, the people are okay with two families maintaining a grip on national power for two or three or five decades.  Their business. Is there some national obsession with rats and roaches of which I am not completely aware?
In Iowa, the Republicans “think they must soften their image and expand their appeal in particular to women and Latino voters.”  I assume women and Latinos enjoy constant war, perpetual debt and crushing loads of government buffoonery.  Again, their business.
No one learns.  Ten thousand years of history demonstrate unequivocally that government does not work. Yet and still… Democrats love it. Republicans love it.  The people hoot and holler for it like chimps in a cage.
(Image: Google.)
Such fairy tales are humorous but foolish when taken seriously.  If the Democrats false egalitarianism had been real thirty years ago things might be better today.  If flag-worshipping Republicans actually had sought freedom, things might be better. In reality, their lies and deceit have done us in.
Following his in-depth observations of early nineteenth-century America, Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville, wrote Democracy in America, 1835.  The book is a masterful account of the political and demographic expanse of early America.
De Tocqueville wrote of the three races in the new world at that time: whites, blacks, and indians.  He proposed that whites and blacks would have to get along together in a future in which they formed the vast majority of the populace.  The fate of the native people seemed doubtful to Tocqueville. Sensing there would be unnecessary, faction-based strife among the people for years to come, he refrained from any ultimate prediction in favor of a “time will tell” conclusion.
Time has told.  Following the two major parties, the people have chosen a sort of mass suicide followed by uncertain government-managed life support.  Currently, while the bloated carcass of the American public drools on the gurney, the plug is being pulled.
This all leads me to a charming little tale, told in the far distant future.
In the cold winter of 3187, in the nation of Utopia, two young children dined with their dear old grandfather.  Following the meal, the children enjoyed a brief holographic conversation with their parents. Mom and Dad were enjoying a well-deserved vacation on Mars.
As the evening deepened outside Grandpa built a cozy fire on the hearth.
“Come and tell me about your school day,” he eagerly beckoned.  Little Timmy and Suzy recounted with wonder the day’s history lesson.  “Teacher read to us from an old book by Alex Me Folkville!,” volunteered Timmy.  “It was all about the ancient Americans,” exclaimed Suzy.
Timmy inquired of the smiling old man, “Have you ever heard of the Americans?”
“Yes, they were once a great people,” said Grandpa with a sigh.
“What happened to them,” asked Suzy, snuggling under Grandpa’s flannel-clad arm.
(A future history unfolds. Image: Google.)
“Well, if you really want to know, I can tell you of the Americans and their strange fate,”  Grandpa began.

“A long, long time ago in a land far away, a group of wise men built up a great nation. The people were virtuous and hard-working.  Sure, they had their troubles, but they always tried to resolve them.
“In such fashion, they became wealthy, powerful, and happy.  They, it was, who invented many of the things we enjoy today – airplanes, spaceships, and cheeseburgers.
“Just when they reached the zenith of their prosperity a funny thing happened…”
“What’s a ‘zenith,’” asked Timmy as he enjoyed the wood fire.
“‘Zenith’ means ‘height’ or ‘best,’” answered Grandpa.  He continued:
“The Americans were a generally happy if diverse people. Mr. De Tocqueville, your Me Folkville, noted their main divisions – white, black and indian or Mexican.  But, for reasons no-one really understands, they all fell under the dominion of two parties of deranged fools. When I was a lad our teachers referred to the two groups as the rats and the roaches.  I think their real names were the Democrats and the Republicans.
“Inexplicably, the free people of America, the most self-reliant and strongest of all people on earth, ceded all control of their lives to the vilest, idiotic, debased and degenerate lowlifes imaginable.
“Every few years or so the people would hold a big popularity contest.  There was no need. Everything was fine as it was. But the rats … the Democrats and Republicans convinced the people there was good reason to place them in power.  The people filled their time with television, sports, food, and other trivialities. Politically, they adopted an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality.
“Slowly, the politicians took control.  They perverted everything good about America. They made war on all other peoples just for the fun of it.  They spent money to the point that the money had no value. They encouraged the people to hate each other and themselves.  The times were vicious and confusing.
“At last, in the middle of the 21st century, things fell apart.  All those great Americans had become a host of overweight, lazy, angry couch potatoes.  They traded their freedom for false security. They were all on welfare. The world hated them.  They were poor. They had no purpose.
“The politicians and their huckster friends took the last of the money and fled abroad. The people were left in abject squalor.  Bereft of their jobs, their entertainment and their dignity they resorted to primitive tribalism.
“The indians/Mexicans were centered in the southwest.  One day it was discovered that there was not a drop of water left there.  The Mexicans, those who survived, all returned to Mexico.
“The southeastern part of the country was inhabited almost entirely by blacks.  In their collective psychosis, they decided to revert to an earlier way of life.  They decided to become slaves on various cotton plantations under the rule of white masters.  Lacking real whites, they appointed several of their own numbers to serve in this role. They fared poorly...
“The whites fared no better.  Living mostly in the mountainous west, after a night of hard-drinking, they became enamored of the idea of re-enacting the cowboy and indian wars of old.  As all real indians were then fled to Mexico, they held a giant game of shirts and skins amongst themselves. Thus, they uniformly perished.
“The great American northeast, cradle of the original nation, was inhabited by one man – a Canadian named Jacque Strapp.  It was never known what became of him.
“So the great land became uninhabited.  The old forests overtook the cities and after a while, few traces of civilization remained.  And now, it is all history. It happened so long ago…”
“Would you like to live like the Americans?” Grandpa asked the children, “Would you vote for fool politicians to ruin and destroy your lives?”
“No!” yelled both of the little ones in unison.
“Well then, good! Let us enjoy the fire,” said Grandpa.
So ends the tale yet untold.  Will it become a reality? Do we, the living, have the ability to change our fates and future history? Will you continue to vote for your own destruction? I hope not.  Take a queue from Timmy and Suzy. Dispense with the rats and roaches of democracy.

Three and a half years and much of my old prognostication remains accurate. Politicians are still rats and roaches. The American people, to a great extent, remain fat, lazy, stupid, and willfully blind to reality. 2016 gave us another dose of the Clinton crime family. The GOP tried like hell to Jeb us in the eye. I still think we’re on cruise control for a civil war and/or Balkanization - I’m still calling 2033; if we’re lucky, we’ll go the way of Czechoslovakia and not of Yugoslavia. Either way, Grandpa’s story has an eerie ring of truth to it.

It’s funny that I read this tale a little differently than I wrote it. My views have “hardened” a bit. (Thus, I made a few very small revisions). The one thing I did not foresee, and that I would not have believed at the time, was the Trump Factor. Donald rode down that glitzy escalator a month to the day after I penned the original version. MAGA actually appears to be working. At this point, I’m not sure if it’s too little, too late. But people, some of them, are awake. Maybe, in some alternate version of the future, Timmy and Suzy hear about Trump the Great and the Rebirth. Time will tell.

Final notes: This just might count as another installment in my budding fiction career. I trust but did not verify, that my old links still work. Also, Frank the Frog is doing well these days - now retired, he still lives in the garden.


Tolerating Totalitarian Tolerance

Interesting times are upon America. This week I proposed a C.F.F. National Affairs “double-header” and submitted accordingly. One part is my Democracy in America rerun. This scant squibbing - you guessed it - is the other. I sincerely hope you enjoy both.

Interesting, yes. The times are a changin’. They changed. And, now, they’re changing again. Try to keep up.

The recent confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh brought out some of the most ridiculous, criminal political pandering and obstructionism seen in a generation. The left rolled out a fabricated, unsubstantiated, utterly implausible pact of lies at next-to-the-last second, the worst possible argumentum ad hominem. This was a substitute for actual qualification and ideological examination - Roe fear-stoking and cries of “racist,” “Nazi,” etc. notwithstanding.

And, this time, it did not work! Not only did the left fail, but the right actual seemed to enjoy winning. Lindsey, Chuck, Mitch, and the Boys acted, for the first time in a long time, like men. I know, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that too…

Tolerance, that faux paragon of liberal virtue, was on full display.

The blue-haired, the obese, and the mentally ill descended on Capitol Hill in mass. They screamed. They shouted. They chanted. They were arrested. They were waved off and told to “grow up” by Orrin Hatch. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!” Oh, ho … my sides hurt. Where have these Republicans been the past 25 years or so?!

Where was I? Ah, the “tolerance” of the panicked Uruk-hai hordes.

Inside the Capitol, conservatives, for once, conserved something. Amazing in and of itself, that. Outside, the violent mob went ape wild.

A likely possessed, likely Soros-paid Harpie danced around an old man, like a cannibal around the pot.

Picture by Infowars.

She circled her prey like a shark. She danced. She clapped. She screamed. She Reeeeeeeeeee’d. She shook that booty. She committed criminal battery against an elderly person. She is totalitarian tolerance personified. (For what it’s worth, our old boy, channeling that inner Hatch, seemed unphased and, thank God, unharmed).

Nearby, the Soviet rent-a-mob attacked a known conservative media figure, the so attractive Millie Weaver. They attacked both pregnant mother and unborn child.

Infowars again! Thanks, Millie.

They look nasty and pissed off. (Can you imagine the smell?) I believe Millie barely survived.

The mob brushed off the chance to articulate their eloquence. They screamed. They chanted. Reeeeeeeeee!! They directed the Satanic ire at AJ’s loveliest reporter and, then, at her baby in utero. (These people are serious about the Roe thing, maybe wishing to “extend” the concept, CPC-style). At least they didn’t break out the bike locks. Still, the shame is all theirs. Totalitarian. Tolerance.

The examples were endless. No doubt you saw and heard the raving, raging, incoherent insanity on CSPAN, CNN, or FOX. It was everywhere. These days, it’s always everywhere.

Paul Craig Roberts noticed the intolerant “tolerance,” especially as directed against that most hated on beings, the straight, white male. Read his expose on the whimpering of Whipple and the double standard of the castrating leftoid academics (sic). He gets the gist of the issue:

In the assault on Kavanaugh, we are witnessing an Identity Politics assault on the White Heterosexual Male, an assault whose purpose is less to block Kavanaugh than to discourage white heterosexual males from standing for office as it is so easy for feminists to ruin a man’s reputation. The plan is to put the “victim groups” of the white male in office so that retribution can be handed out to white males in keeping with feminist professor Christine Fair’s agenda of killing them, castrating their dead bodies and feeding them to swine.
I can only fault Roberts in his fatalism upon recognizing the trend. I would be tempted to adopt it but for the changes, I’ve seen in the late responses from the right, the Trump effect in action.

Some people are waking up. Some men have rediscovered their spines. Some are even having a little fun with the show.

When it comes to resisting the totalitarian tolerance, don’t do the Whipple wimp. Use the trusted Hatch wave-off. Tell ‘em to “grow up.” Maybe they will. Either way, I believe we can survive this.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

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