31 October 2018

[MB McCart] - City of Covington GA Official: First Report

As promised, a write-up of this strange & hilarious sensation that has taken over C-Town. 

I mentioned the other night here in this space of a Facebook page that has taken the #COV by storm - City of Covington GA Official.

On Facebook: @FastFoodCaptialUSA

Despite them giving my pal & the right honorable & semi-esteemed mayor of the great city of Covington, GA, USA - Ronnie Johnston - kind of a tough time, I can't help but to love this page.

Ronnie's latest Home Decor project. From City of Covington GA Official

Their sense of humor is the best, I assure you.  But anyway, like I mentioned previously, I reached out to this page, knocked on their door, as it were, and your know what? ...

They responded.

Really, in many ways, the page acts as a news resource for the community. They occasionally do a "Remember When" segment. This is a post about the time that Bill Cosby visited the Covington Square for a book signing right about the time they filmed the plane landing for "Cannonball Run"

And I am now, more than ever, enamored with this thing known as City of Covington GA Official (CCGO).

I've got to just go straight-up Gonzo on this thing, so, without edit, here is the Facebook Messenger conversation between MB McCart, Editor of TPC, and Jerome of CCGO:


Hello. Marshall McCart with The Piedmont Chronicles in Covington, GA here. Hope you're well, sir or madam.

Love the page & am currently working on an article on the sensation that is City of Covington GA Official as you're poised to hit 1000 likes.

I'd like to do a Q & A with you. And we can do so in anyway you'd like. Either the real you, anonymously, of course; or, you in character if you'd prefer.

Again, well done! Hilarious stuff. And by the way, I've had multiple folks as me if I'm the one behind this.

Let me know if you're game, and I'll send you some questions. Thanks. 


Piedmont Chronicles?

Have to admit, had to look that one up!

What kind of Q & A would you like? 


I'll send over a few questions...and we can go from there. Thanks.

Btw, I've primed the pump a bit 

(sent a link of original write-up


We're actually at 1002 [likes] now, so it's time to celebrate! 


::Thumbs Up::

Congrats on hitting 1000! 

So, what should I call you? Do you have a name?

Tell my readers about what inspired you to come up with "City of Covington GA Official."

2nd question: do you have a favorite beer. Is Icehouse in the top 3? 


First off, thank you! We're looking to celebrate that milestone for sure. 

Second, we have a few different moderators that contribute.

Jerome White. Bubba Jenkins.

Icehouse for me sits right behind a nice Natty Light or a cool Zima...


My pleasure! It's a very exciting time for you guys.

So, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to, Jerome or Bubba? 

And, oh yes, I imagine you were pretty pumped when you heard about the Zima relaunch. If only they'd bring back Tequiza, ammaright?

Well, I think I have enough for my first report. Is there any type of statement or some comments you'd like for me to share with my readership?

Just let me know, friend. I'll send you a link when the piece is live. Thanks! 



Did someone say Tequiza?!?!

::Beer Mug emoji::


They also publish wedding announcements - another invaluable contribution to our community


Stay tuned, folks. This story is developing...

Your pal,