15 October 2018

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: The Ghost

We have a ghost.

Really, we have a ghost that resides with us. Her name is Gabriella, Gabby for short, and she’s usually a really good tenant. Usually.

The only problem we seem to have is when the kids come home to visit, especially the youngest one.

Thing 4 is the reason she decided to reside here. They’re good buddies. We all live peacefully together, until he brings a couple of his other friend’s home.

Jack Daniels and Jim Beam are the worst of the friends he invites. She gets up to ALL kinds of Shenanigans then!

We’ve had the hall rug rolled up to block the hallway bathroom. Change-catcher bowls turned upside down. Salt put into the pepper shaker and pepper put into the salt shaker (she had a little help with that one).

There was another time (again, she had some help) that EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in our house was turned side-ways or upside-down.

Our bathrooms have been fogged. For anyone that doesn’t know what a fog machine is, just know you shouldn’t get one. They create a “clean,” fun, fog, and I’ve been cleaning the drippings off the walls for –years-. Both bathrooms and Thing 4’s old bedroom still have stains from it.

I plan to catch Gabby. It’s time she moved to her best buddy’s place. I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy it there.

With any luck, she’ll become good friends with my granddaughter and they can torture her father together.
Bess 

PS: All my children are of legal age, know not to drink and drive (Mama will kick their ass if they even think about it), but some of the stuff they’ve put me through as adults were tougher to deal with than when they were babies. Payback, or Karma, is a WONDERFUL thing! I wish them all children JUST LIKE THEM. Babysitting rates will be applied accordingly.

- Bess Tuggle



jack of all trades, Ms. Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations.