30 November 2018

[MBM] - Thoughts on the SEC Championship Game

What Alabama is & what it has been for the better part of a decade is something that I, and several others of the DawgnNation variety (my age & older), have tasted.
It started with an extremely humid night in Knoxville, TN in 1980 with a kid from Johnson Co. & continued until another muggy night in 1984 in Columbia, SC.
For four years we were the ones that always had the answers; we were the ones that would always find a way to win, even when we had no business winning them. Or, as Kevin Butler famously put it - (paraphrasing) "when you had Vince on the sideline, you just always knew he had some plan or something up his sleeve where you knew we were gonna win."
Sounds like having Nick Saban as your coach, no?

A Commissioned Piece for me from Mike, circa 1999

For the better part of 3 & 1/2 decades since then, the Georgia fan base has been a neurotic one, bordering manically on the edge of malaise, and for good reason.
First off, we should've hired Erk; Knapp mishandled it.
And then, how in the hell did we hire Ray Goff, and why, in the name of all that is holy, did Dr. Wheeler have to write a song about it (Ray Goff & them Goff & them Dawgs)?
And the way we threw George Haffner, the ultimate "Company Man" & one helluva coach (and a super great guy), under the bus after the '90 season? Not cool. Then, later, McDuffie. Tragic. More bad mojo...
Then we had Donnan. We had the '97 season, but we also had Quincy Carter (and Columbia in 2000).
The horror...
And then Richt. Yesterday, on my Facebook memories thing, a post of mine came up the day after we cut him loose in '15. I was wrong on that one. It WAS time for a change.
And then Kirby. Folks, as some of you may remember, I was NOT sold on him in 2016. But, naturally, like many others, I quickly changed my tune.
So, here we are. The Benz. Tomorrow. In the ATL. Just like ten months ago, but not for all the marbles this time, but...yeah, pretty much for all the marbles...
A lady I know, love & admire taught me something some years back. Usually I'm not working at the store when it comes to big UGA games, but something happened during that 2016 season when due to an illness coupled with someone being out of town, I was stuck at the store during a very important game.
She came in, listening to the radio we had on while she was there, and as she was checking out, I said something negative about the game & how we'd likely lose.
"Stop that! You're putting out bad energy," she said.
"When you put that out there - it goes out there in the universe."
~~if people get the government they deserve, a fan base will surely get the team they deserve~~
" [that] makes sense to me, I must confess," I replied, remembering my WP.
And that, folks, I think, is the rub.
I'm totally positive about us winning this thing & I'm putting out some pretty good vibrations, and I hope you are too!
Also, this:
Damn it! It's our time. To hell w/ Saban & to hell w/ 'BAMA! Fvck 'em!
We're gonna shock the world tomorrow. The spread might be about right, but it's gonna go the other way. I had this flash the other night - UGA's gonna get a safety. I just know it. And I'm thinking something along the lines of...33-16.
Sound good? Hell yes it does!