13 November 2019

A Quick Check-in From MB: Baby, It's Cold Outside; TPC Update; Odds & Ends

Hello, Covington! Hope it's dandy as candy out there.

Well...it's been cold, right? Real cold. So pick your favorite cliche:

- "Cold enough for ya'?"

- Why'd'ya' let it get so cold?"

- "Well, it's gettin' to be that time of year... :nods head: ..." 

Yessir, cold indeed. Almost as cold as it's been woke.

Again, really wondering if it's just time to start pulling for the Russians...

TPC Update 

I had a few folks tell me that it was vital I posted something about the Covington election fairly soon after that fateful day. And I did. More recently, I've had at least one person ask me when I was going to follow up. I guess I am now...

So now's supposed to be the time when we let it go, sing Kumbaya & move forward for the sake of the home city, right? And you know what - I agree. Let's do that. But that doesn't mean I'm still not going to do what you know I'm gonna do.

Am I biding my time? Do I have something up my sleeve? Do others have things up their sleeves? Am I all out of fVcks to give? Should I go to sleep before 2AM tonight tomorrow? Will Georgia beat Auburn this weekend?

Odds & Ends

With apologies to Fred Harwell, I -am- working on the piece about outstanding tax bills in the home county. I've been kinda busy lately.

It's wild, though. Dana Darby, or really - one of her staff members, sent me the WHOLE list. 600+ pages. And it's very interesting. It looks like a lot of folks just say "fuck it" to paying their inventory taxes. That's not really fair to the majority that do, is it?

Even more interesting is that a few of the outstanding property tax bills have been paid recently (the list was already three months old when I got it, so naturally I've been referencing the Tax Commissioner's website to get the most current info before I post anything). Also, there was at least one tax certificate/deed purchase by a certain fella that specializes in that sort of thing (at least a few of you know who that is).

And then there's the talk of the previous Tax Commissioner being brought up with the current incarnation of The Grand Jury. And if so, as well it should be. Not that anything's probably ever going to happen with it.


Be good, friends, or. at least, be good at it!

Until next time,