26 November 2019

[MB McCart] - 1st Report on Steve Horton's Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report

By MB McCart, Editor

[State of GA] 
[Newton Co.]  

(Covington, GA | 11/26/19) - 

This publication had previously decided & publicly stated that it would do some further research into the campaign of our current Mayor-Elect Steve Horton. Here is the first report: 

First off, the Horton campaign raised a lot of money: $20,570.00 

I'm fairly certain that's the most money - by far - ever spent on a Covington municipal race. Let's delve in.

As previously mentioned, I was very interested in that big billboard. Based on the disclosure reports, Aj Liquidators made an in-kind contribution of $2500 to the Horton campaign for the billboard expense. The Horton campaign also had an expenditure in the amount of $440.34 to Aj Liquidators for "campaign billboard fees & rental" (Inv# 620).

More about Aj Liquidators:

Their registered agent is one Robert John Bezborn. They are registered as a foreign limited liability company under the jurisdiction of Texas. Their principal office address is 10139 Industrial Dr. Covington, GA 30014. John Bezborn is also a co-owner of Mystic Grill as well as The Goodie Barn, both in Covington.

Other major campaign expenditures included:

- Landmark Communications. Marc Rountree's political consulting firm: $7,060 

- LRC Promotions: $9,971.97 

A future report will offer some commentary as well as looking into the contribution side of things. Look for that down the road.

- MB McCart