05 November 2019

TPC Real Politick in the COV: Campaign Finance $$$; Final Thoughts

By MB McCart, Ed. 

It's funny, a certain loudmouth who is almost always wrong posted the other day that since he did two mailers, Josh McKelvey must have spent an exorbitant amount of money, so therefore basically he must be dirty...or something. So we can add that to the laundry list of other lies & smears that the bad guys have been flinging at Josh for the last two months.

I'm keeping a list, folks, and I have several new files, btw...

C-Town, FTW! 

Well, as I've mentioned before - I'm a facts & data guy. And as of yesterday, Josh McKelvey was the only one in Covington who'd filed his 2nd campaign disclosure report. 
Here are the numbers:

Josh McKelvey

Total raised for the entire campaign: $2380

He spent almost as much as as cash on hand at the moment is right around $91.

I reached out to Josh because, frankly, that's impressive to have run the campaign he did for that amount.

He responded back - "did the mailers internally, and pretty much everything else internally. Very frugal budget...tried to do as much as I could myself. Kept it organic & grassroots centered."

A very conservative approach. I like that!

*Disclosure: I donated $50 to my buddy's campaign. - MB McCart  
Now let's look at another one:

Steve Horton 

As of yesterday, Horton had not filed his 2nd report. Presumably, he'll get fined for that.

But we do have his first report:

Steve Horton raised right at $19,000 for this thing & he'd spent most all of it! Why so much? That's a good question.

Part of it, I believe, is that he utilized the services of a professional consultant & not just any consultant, folks. No, he went with the one & only Landmark Consulting & everybody's favorite political mercenary - Mark Rountree - to the tune of about $10K (maybe that's where SHIII got that number from & just got mixed up? He is getting old.)

So, the Horton campaign was paying thousands of dollars just to cover the consultant's mark-up & fees. So, seemingly, the opposite of Josh's campaign - not frugal, not conservative.

And we'll have to wait to find out how much Team Horton spent on that billboard. I'll be interested to see that amount & I'll be interested to see what his final numbers are. It gives me pause, though, that this much money was involved. For a race like this? I don't like that...

Final Thoughts 

Thank God it's almost over!

Get out there & VOTE!

Thx for reading. Until next time,

- MB McCart