03 November 2019

A REAL Politick Check-in From MB, 11/3/19: The Continuing Tone Deafness of the Horton Campaign

A Commentary Piece by TPC Editor, MB McCart 

T-minus 2 Days

(North C-town | 3 November 2019) --

How did anyone think that Steve Horton skipping the Rotary/Kiwanis Forum last week was even possibly a good idea? I guess they're taking a page from the Marcello Banes playbook - skip everything & hope for the best. Well, it worked for the Chairman, so...why not, I guess?

Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory has seemingly & apparently been the M.O. for basically the entire campaign season of Team Horton. If there was a single race in this municipal election cycle that should've seemed like a lock, the smart money was on this one; however, these recent events, along with some other key gaffes - previously having politicized the DB/Bard situation & then later trying to call out Johnston & McKelvey for not attending the meeting put on by the attorneys looking for potential clients (only to realize the error & then deleting  its original post) - has to make one wonder about the judgement of this campaign.

And, to that point, when I first heard that Ronnie Cowan, Newton Co. BOC 5 Rep & honorary Democrat on the Newton Co. Board of Commissioners, was actually incorporated into Horton's campaign literature, I simply couldn't believe it. "He's not that tone deaf," I said to a particular person, "send me photos," I said.

So, they did...

Exhibit A: 

Cowan's all like: "For The Win, Steve!"

Exhibit B:

It's like Ronnie is Horton's hype man or something. It's just strange to me. I know they're friends & I knew Ronnie was supporting Horton in this race, but I wouldn't've thought they'd've  used him in a campaign piece. If it was me, I wouldn't want to over-advertise that point. Because then, one might start connecting dots, real or imagined. We all know a certain Democratic Commissioner actively campaigned & canvassed for Cowan in the 2016 campaign. Then we think about the ties to home county's Sheriff (who is supporting Horton in this race as I'm told), then we think about the coalition, or the slate, if you will, that we see with Team Horton, and then we see that Sheriff Brown was appointed to the SORRB by Gov. Brian Kemp just this past week.

I'm just kind of thinking out loud here, but, it's kind of interesting to ponder, no?


One more editorial endorsement coming up tomorrow & a full REAL Politick Edition first thing Tuesday AM.

Thanks for reading, guys. See you next time.

- MB McCart