02 February 2021

Perrin Lovett: Why So Stingy, Joe?

Howdy. If you could kindly refrain from insurrectionism for a moment or three, let’s all adjust our permanent face diapers (triple layers, people!), and talk about money. Amen, Awoman, etc.

By the grace of Bramah, and by really working the cemetery and foreign algorithm votes, notorious hippity-hopper, Joey B. worked his way into the White House basement. When not sleeping, creeping, or sniffing, his handlers have him signing executive orders and plotting some sort of great reset. One of his (handlers’) schemes involves raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 per hour. 

Look, our recovery plan also calls for an increase in the minimum wage, at 15 — at least $15.00 an hour.  No one in America should work 40 hours a week making below the poverty line.  Fifteen dollars gets people above the poverty line.  We have so many millions of people working 40 hours a week — working — and some with two jobs, and they’re still below the poverty line.  

So remarked RHEast’s daddy, on January 22, 2021, whilst signing EOs and hyping his (handlers’) American Rescue Plan. Yes, please! Won’t someone rescue the Americans? Maybe they could start by shipping out the Big Guy’s (handlers’) cabinet, the members of which do share a certain monolithic nature, no?

A week later, Obama’s Veep’s (handlers’) Press Secretary, Jen “Deer in the Headlights” Psaki, in response to a fake media question about “Fifteen,'' meekly mumbled something about Chairman Sanders, Congress, Parliament moving forward, a path forward, expediting urgency, and certainly feeling something. I, for one, was inspired. Inspired, but underwhelmed. Here’s why:

Between 1960 and 1964, the minimum wage increased from $1 to $1.15. Between those years, the Treasury was doing something funny with the dollar and the federal reserve note (a legitimate President was also assassinated, though I’m sure the events were completely unrelated). Also between 1960 and 1964, the price of an ounce of silver bounced around between $.91 and $1.29. This is a rough example of how the minimum wage was once pegged to the silver dollar. If it were still so connected, then the present minimum wage would be around $28 per hour. Soooo … why so low, Creepy Joe?

Yeah, yeah, inflation and terminal decline, etc. But, that’s all happening anyway, so why not give the peeps a plumper piece of the pecuniary pork pie? 

According to rigged and highly suspect government statistics, the average USSA worker now earns about $27-29 per hour - old school minimum wage is the new average pay, hey, hey. Current legal, fiat-retarded minimum wage is earned by approximately 2-3% of working USians. If the artificially-low minimum doubles, then what about the rest? As-is, according to some more rigged stats, just over 40% of all USian workers make $15 per hour or less. Corn Popper’s (handlers’) plan would give a pay raise to four out of ten USians who have somehow managed to stay employed during the new abnormal. What about those already at $15/hr? Would they too get a 100% raise? What about those earning $20/hr? $30? $50? Things could get pricey in a Wilmington swimming pool minute. How, you ask, would those increases - any of them - be paid for?

Well, the conventional route would be to increase prices proportionally across all sectors affected by the pay raises, with rippling elsewhere. We call this price inflation. Of late, however, our betters have this cool trick whereby they just conjure up “money” out of the Fed’s dark crystal ball. We call that monetary inflation. If this all happens, they’ll most likely do some combination, which we might reasonably refer to as combined inflation. In practical terms, it means that whatever amount one earns, it will not go as far as otherwise; the mass pay hike will necessarily lead to lowered purchasing power. This is based on straight inflation, without addressing the very real possibility of increased tax bracket transgression. There's also the mass layoff thing. But this buying power loss has been the norm for more than a century in this strange propositional kind of place between Mexico and Canada. Lately, it’s been accelerating.

From 1975 through 2018, the usurious, financialized elites stole roughly $50 Trillion(!) in value from the middle and working classes. By 2021, that figure is likely much higher. When the little people try to claw back some of it - see the recent Gamestop shorting saga - by using the same methods that the hedge funds operate with all the time, the millennial gamer poor are accused of attacking the markets, terrorizing democracy, and some other bad things. Look for some new Redditor millionaires to go to jail. In fact, when that happens, look for the Usurper-in-Chief or Space Cadet Psaki to brag about it. 

What we need, but won’t get (yet) is a total reset. This would require a return to a gold or another hard commodity standard, the absolute end of fake money, the voiding of all current debts, the end of usury, and the conforming realignment of the greater economy. For the Psaki-Biden class morons out there, whining about destroying the economy by saving it, what part of fifty trillion dollars stolen in forty-three years is so hard to understand? 

With real money, a $15 minimum wage would be miserly, with $28 being the market rate - assuming we keep current pricing levels where they are. Of course, to make things easier for accountants and price tag clerks, we could easily deflate prices back to what was normal in, say, 1950 or 1960. Then, a $1 minimum wage wouldn’t seem so bad again. The great news is that what I’ve just sketched out will happen, probably in a couple of decades. The bad news is that those decades should be on the cultural revolution side of “rough.” Buckle up.

- Perrin Lovett is the CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National at TPC & is also the Editor of Freedom Prepper.