16 May 2018

McKoon the Clear Choice for Secretary of State: A TPC Editorial Endorsement

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Josh McKoon, Republican State Senator from Columbus, is an attorney by trade & is the clear choice, in our opinion, for Secretary of State of Georgia in the GOP primary on May 22nd.

McKoon is known throughout the great state of Georgia as a staunch defender of individual liberties and one of the most effective advocates for ethics reform & government transparency that we've ever had under the Gold Dome. In fact, the cap on lobbyist gifts that was introduced by McKoon was really the first major ethics law governing state legislators in Georgia's history.

Furthermore, McKoon was on the front lines of mandating a 24-hour review period for all new legislation as well as being the driving force for what many in Georgia politics refer to as "The Josh" -  the video & audio recording system that makes it possible for live streams of all Senate conference meetings. 

While sometimes considered a lightning rod & at times a target of derision of some of his colleagues for some of his unyielding stances & the refusal to compromise on his principles, McKoon has time & time again in his seven year career as a state legislator surprised & silenced his critics with his incredible knack for getting the things done that conventional wisdom said couldn't be done. 

I've had the opportunity to talk with Josh a few times over the years & I'm here to tell you - he's the real deal. First off, I believe him to be absolutely brilliant. I really do. Also, his love, passion & belief in the founding principles of Liberty, Justice & Equity is such a breath of fresh air in this era of uninspired, milquetoast politicians.

But why should Mr. McKoon be the official custodian & keeper of the Great Seal of Georgia? Why should he be the next Secretary of State to follow in the tradition of Milton, Barnett, Cleland & Handel? Well, in addition to what we've already covered, he has a great vision for this all-too-important Constitutional office. 

For years there's been a general sense of distrust in Georgia's elections & voting results that has only intensified the last few years. Getting rid of these dinosaurs that we've been using as our voting machines is a major objective (and bonus points awarded for doing a video reenacting the classic scene from "Office Space" that, to me, has been one the highlights of this entire election cycle). Josh understands that ensuring verification of our votes, protecting the voters' data & re-inspiring the confidence in our elections is paramount for our next SOS, as is requiring photo ID to vote & making sure that only qualified electors cast votes in our elections. 

As for professional licensing, the other main responsibility of the Secretary of State of Georgia, McKoon is dedicated to a limited-government approach to majorly reforming the licensure process to benefit and behoove commerce, business & enterprise, being a firm believer in the notion that the government that governs best is the one that governs least. 

Josh McKoon, Republican for Secretary of State

It is the pleasure of The Chronicles & its Editor, MB McCart, to endorse Josh McKoon for Georgia Secretary of State. 

*Ed. note: this is the second & final endorsement of TPC  in this primary cycle. We've previously endorsed David Shafer for Lt. Governor. 

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