25 March 2018

3/25/18: The Sunday Edition - GA Governor's Race; Go You Silver Britches!

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The Sunday Edition: 3/25/18 

Howdy, folks. Hope it's nice out there, and welcome back to another Sunday Edition of TPC. 


Handicapping the GA Governor's Race 

I know some of you are thinking that I'm a little early for this, but trust us - we're not. Even though it's been four years since the Gold Dome moved up the primary season in Georgia, a lot of folks haven't wrapped their minds around the fact that we are LESS THAN 60 DAYS from the primary. Yes, that's right. May 22nd is the day, and it's barreling down on us rather quickly.

The Presumed Front-runner 

We're talking about Casey Cagle here, folks, and I added the "presumed" only because of what has transpired the past few weeks. Whether it was the unkind news coverage about his full-on moron move with the Delta & NRA situation, or the fact that the state press has been talking about what many of us have known for years (he places political revenge over helping Georgians), Cagle seems intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. On top of that, he's just weird looking, what with those buggy eyes & all, and he looks like the textbook definition of a political hack. 

The Second Tier (in order) 

Hunter Hill, State Senator & Army Vet, is, at least according to one poll, the number 2 in this race. This actually doesn't come as that big of a surprise to those of us with our ears to the ground of statewide politics. Hill is a very good candidate with little to no baggage & has a statewide structure & framework that's probably the envy of everyone else in this race. Hill is one of two men running that TPC is considering endorsing in this race.

GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp's lack of traction in this race has a lot of politicos scratching their heads. Part of the problem - really, the main part - is that unlike Mr. Hill, Kemp does have some baggage and negative perception problems. Whether it was shipping out the personal data of upwards of 8 million Georgians, or the curious case of the wiped-clean computer servers, whether fair or not, Mr. Kemp is battling that as much as he is trying to get his lackluster poll numbers up. And perhaps those two problems are related. In other news, the sun still set to rise from the east tomorrow... 

The Dark Horse 

Clay Tippins, the other candidate that TPC may endorse in this thing, and the only candidate supporting expanding cannabis oil. This guys seems like the real deal. 

The Also-ran

Michael Williams, the "Trump candidate." No traction; no real poll numbers; no campaign structure. He'll likely finish in a distant 5th place. 

Go You Silver Britches!

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25 March 2018

And we're back...

A bit of a layoff there, folks. Sorry about that. But the big news is that GYSB is back in action.

Why the long break? That's a good question & I'm glad you asked. The usual suspects. Laziness, maybe. But not really. I've just been really busy. Plus, I pretty much stayed drunk there for a few years, so there's that, too.

I've been concentrating on my main writing project, The Piedmont Chronicles. It's an online newspaper that covers the glorious Georgia Piedmont, and the city of Covington & Newton Co. in particular. Originally just a personal blog where I concentrated on local history & people, it has now became a full-blown thing with local advertisers & everything. I've told my readership there that a relaunching of Go You Silver Britches! was imminent as the main part of the new Sports Division of TPC. We're really excited about it & hope you are too!

The Sunday Treatment 

New UGA Hoop Dawgs Head Man Tom Crean
This is typically kind of a slow time of the year for UGA athletics, but this year is a little different for a few reasons.

The biggest of which, naturally, is that while we're not talking about UGA Hoops in the NCAA tourney, as usual, we are definitely talking about UGA Hoops in the month of March. That's because we've got a new head coach that most everybody is pretty pumped about. Tom Crean, by all accounts, is truly a top-tier coach. With a high level of success at his previous two stops - Marquette & Indiana - there's a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the UGA B-ball program that we haven't seen in the Classic City since...well, probably since we hired Mark Fox in 2009.

With the level of talent we have in the great state of Georgia & now with a coach of Crean's caliber, there should be no reason at all, in our estimation, for the Hoop Dawgs not to make it to the Big Dance almost every year and to advance at least a couple of rounds on a fairly frequent basis.
Diamond Dogs Skip, Manager Stricklin
Switching gears to baseball, the UGA Diamond Dogs have been impressing folks so far this year. A 17-6 regular record with a 4-1 conference mark approx. a third of the way through the season has some wondering if AD McGarity was right to bring Scott Stricklin back after three underwhelming seasons at the helm. Although we're just underway in conference play, it does look like this edition of the Diamond Dawgs has the potential to do something this year. We'll keep an eye on it.

And enough with the filler stuff, the UGA football spring game - G-Day - is less than a month away. April 21, 2018 can't get here soon enough for a lot of us. Many are anxiously awaiting seeing some action from some of the players of the consensus top recruiting class in the country. And Justin Fields, though! Very exciting.

A Trip Around the Dawgosphere 

Welp, that'll do it for this go 'round, gang. Thanks for reading. No promises moving forward than this: you WILL be able to count on the Sunday Treatment every Sunday, and hopefully a few other write-ups here & there. Til next time.

Your Pal,