10 March 2018

Newborn Old School Music Show Tonight Featuring Benson & Leinweber, Bopp & Mote

Fun Times in Sandtown; Big time show lined up down at the Newborn Schoolhouse tonight...

TONIGHT! MARCH 10TH. Newborn School House 

It's another installment of Dennis Fincher's "Old School Music Show" down in lovely Newborn, GA. With the wonderful ambiance that only the Historic Newborn School House can provide, this is always a great show especially considering the caliber of acts that are line up for this one. 

TPC fave, Benson, Leinweber & Gewin, are the headliner of tonight's show. As I've written about multiple times in another publication, the "Flatpickin' Professor," David Leinweber, is easily one of the most talented musicians in the home county. I'm also a big fan of Dave Benson's & we're hearing nothing but good things about new player Gewin. 

Image result for david leinweber and dave benson
Benson & Leinweber
Contemporary folk artists Benson and Leinweber have been wowing crowds wherever they have played.
They are the duo made up of Dave Benson and David Leinweber, two outstanding guitarists, songwriters, and performers. Veterans of the blues, rock and folk scenes, the two form a powerhouse duo featuring excellent harmonies, skillful guitar-interplay and well-selected songs – not to mention lots of fun and energy.

Also on tap tonight is another of our favorites, mandolin wiz Lanier Mote playing with the super talented & lovely Dona Bopp. 

Bopp & Mote 
Dona Bopp and Lanier Mote have been singing together since 2012. It is their Louvin Brothers style harmony that brought them together as a duo. Although they are both bluegrass enthusiasts, their music is also influenced by classic country and music from the rock and roll era. Both Dona and Lanier are members of the Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2017, Dona received Female Vocalist of the Year by the Atlanta Society of Entertainers.

Danny & Pete are also on tap tonight, and look for Dennis to blow some of that amazing harmonica/blues harp as well as an introductory picker's circle, open mic & a few surprise guests. Brenda's Kitchen opens at 5:30PM.

Folks, the Old School Music Show is the heir to The Newborn Opry & The Dixie Jubilee. Please support this integral part of Newton County's music heritage. Contact the FB page of the Show or reach out to this publication to find out ways to help this all-too-important endeavor. 
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