20 June 2018

A Night at RL's : A TPC Dining Compendium

- est 2010 -

By: MB McCart , Editor 

The Missus & me got to go on another date night this past Saturday & we decided to head to our sentimental favorite & still easily the best restaurant in Newton Co. - RL's Off the Square

There was really no perusal of the menu at all, naturally, other than making a minor adjustment to our usual M.O. In addition to the usual couple of small plates that we'll share, we also split what is probably RL's premier entree - the Shrimp Etouffee. 

With perfectly cooked shrimp & rice, what separates Chef's  from the many others I've had is his obvious roux mastery. Just as the foundation is the most important part of any house, the roux is the key piece to the puzzle of any great Cajun dish, and RL is a no-limit soldier when it comes to that ----! For sure...

The REAL Deal 

The two small plates we went with are our two faves - the Jalapeno Grit Cakes & the Crab Cakes. Both the best you'll ever likely have. Seriously. Now that Michael Zahn has gone home to Glory, God Bless his Soul, these things will change your life. And the grit cakes. Just ridiculous good. The taste, the texture. And those two glorious fried shrimp you get with it. Just outstanding.

The ambiance, as always, was just right. Great staff presently; a new face or two. A real good crew.

 And it was all very nicely complemented by a lovely house Cab that was only about five bucks. Can't beat that. And those rolls & the fancy butter packets just seal the deal. 

An absolutely out-of-sight & esoteric dining experience

Always a good decision to visit our friend who was kind enough to chat w/ us for several minutes on Saturday. He's good for the soul. RL's Off the Square, friends. An exceptional dining experience w/ very reasonable prices.

And yes, I will be saving my receipt for this trip as this is obviously a TPC expenditure. Lessen the ole tax burden & all. America, FTW! 

Your Friend,


P.S. Kayla & I will be kind of rotating her recurring piece and the TPC Dining pieces. Look for the next Kayla's Corner next week. As always, thanks so much for reading.  

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