12 June 2018

Tuesday Check-in: What's the Word Around Town - COV, JDA & GA Politics

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Howdy, Buckaroos, it's your ole pal MB w/ a quick Tuesday check-in, and...my goodness, I must say how lovely you look today! You're wearing your hair a little differently. I like it!

So, what's the 411? Let's check it out.

C-town Representin' 

Well, at the last council meeting it was revealed that the city will not be increasing its municipal millage rate. That's good. That's real good. I don't think folks would've been very impressed if that was going to be on the table after learning about that $21-some-odd million in the reserve fund. It's almost like the city is turning into Butts-Mehre in Athens (UGA) with their Gollum-like coveting of their reserve fund (Precious!!!). I like how the auditor was basically all like - just keep it for a rainy day. You're doing great! 
Hey, I've got an idea - how 'bout a tax decrease? Or, at a minimum, a roll-back rate that would take into account the increase in property valuations so the good folks of Covington wouldn't have to pay out anymore for taxes than they did last year. I mean, if pretty much all the city employees are getting 3% pay raises this year, couldn't the good taxpayers of Covington get a bit of break since, you know, they're the ones paying for everything & all?

And that leads to point that several have been talking about. With the looming Plant Vogle utility increases & this epic Central Park thing that's apparently on the way, there's a major concern that the city is not being very perspicacious in its fiscal responsibility.

For years Covington has always been the one to do things the right way at least as it compared to Newton Co. Now, Newton Co. is still a hot mess, and now there are doubts about the home city. I think more than ever we need a reestablishment of the #NewtonCounty12 & the NCLA.

Joint Development Authority

In my last post about  JDA affairs I mentioned the fact that Andrea Gray, attorney for the JDA, was being paid her attorney hourly rate for ministerial & clerical services. I had that on very good information but I do have a call in to Andrea to get her side of things.

As a few of you may know, Andrea, and one of the associates at her firm, Jenny Carter, were both former staff attorneys at the law offices of Wm Thomas Craig, Esq. Some have theorized that WTC, who has widely been considered to be the fountainhead of the JDA some 20 years ago, may still be somewhat involved with things, or possibly "of counsel" to the Gray Law Firm. That's another thing I'll check on if I get a call back.

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GA Politics 

In my last post about Georgia Real Politik, I mentioned that the gubernatorial runoff was looking to be a political junkie's dream. That's a big 10-4. The bombshell tape recording that Clay Tippins made of his conversation with Casey Cagle was nothing short of lurid, scandalous & damning, and confirmed what many have always thought about ole Weird Eyes (Cagle) - that perhaps it's all about politics & power for him. In that last piece, I mentioned that Cagle's perceived advantage in electability would be washed out by the fact that more folks despised him than they did Kemp, so therefore this thing would be an even-odds dogfight. My best guess is that this unflattering recording of Cagle will cost him at least a couple of percentage points in the long haul meaning that this will probably be one of the ugliest & most expensive runoffs in state history. Pass the popcorn & get ready to be bombarded with TV, radio & direct mail over the next month & half. Good times!

Alright, gang, that'll do it for this rodeo. Happy Trails!