11 July 2019

A Moment From MB: Talkin' Local REAL Politick


Well, as some of you may have heard, your semi-esteemed editor is in the process of putting together an exploratory committee to analyze the feasibility & viability of a possible, potential run for Covington's Post 2 seat in the city's East Ward.

To that point, and in the spirit of journalistic integrity, I've decided to dust off my old political site - East Metro Blog - to house the writings pertaining to that particular race moving forward. I will also start using this vehicle for most of my political commentaries & leave my meat-and-potatoes political reporting here at the ole TPC. 

Keepin' It Fresh in the East Metro!

Be sure to check out my most recent post at East Metro (the first one in 4 years) talking about the dynamics of that race.

Speaking of political races, keep an eye out here at The Chronicles for my expansive coverage of the upcoming Covington Mayoral race.

Okay for now, buckaroos, until next time... 

- MB McCart