31 July 2019

Nature Watching with Alibug: Birds, Birds & More Birds!

By: Alisa Johnson Brown, Nature Correspondent 

~ Special to The Chronicles ~ 

It's time for some more wonderful nature shots from the Alibug. Enjoy! 

Rudy H. Finch

When I came across 'Rudy H. Finch' yesterday afternoon, he told me he was interviewing for a new job and needed a resume picture. He was looking all flashy, for sure!! Got a 'wave' in his tail, had some highlights put in and had had his nails trimmed. Of course, I said certainly!! He initially made a striking pose......but then I suggested he prop that right leg up! 'Perfect', I said, 'now you're looking downright STUDLY!!’ (or maybe I should have said, STURDLY!!)😄😜
>>>>DUE to STEVE....there is an EXPLANATORY NOTE HERE:
Since other people don't think quite like me......STURDLY is descriptive of a STUDLY BURD!!<<<<😜🤣


This little guy is perching on a twig of a Moon Vine that had crawled behind a gutter last year. I pulled most all of it down, but this little twig was wedged in! It has become a favorite place to sit for this little boy. He's right at the corner of part of the house and purposely in the path of hummers in the edge of the woods behind him, that will be trying to get around that corner to the feeders! The first feeder is about two feet to the left when looking at this picture! Talk about strategy!! 😄 He also has that first little bit of a beautiful red gorget coming in! I just love that gleaming little patch of red! 💗


American Goldfinches are just so pretty to me...

A Family of Cardinals 

Mom, Northern Cardinal, with her girl, behind her...and her boy, behind the girl

Dad...on the other hand...is beginning to lose some feathers. That's what fatherhood will do!!  😄

Multi-generational Newtonian & former WGFS radio host, Ms. Alisa loves the outdoors, birds, the arts, fine dining & great music. She's also got a thing for pirates... An absolutely wonderful woman, we're so glad to have her beautiful nature pics here at TPC.