19 July 2019

Kayla's Restaurant Review: Rudyboo's Buffalo Cafe

Hey everyone! Make sure to put on your sun block because this month's
restaurant review is HOT! 🔥

Ever been to a really good restaurant that’s been hidden away?? Where
word of mouth has spread all over about how good they are so you know
exactly where to find them? Well, that’s Rudyboo’s Buffalo Cafe in
Covington, GA!!!

2123 Pace Street,  #A, Covington, Georgia 30014

It’s a downtown, family owned and operated, small establishment,
bursting with BIG wing flavors and good food! Not only are they famous
for their Buffalo (mild or hot) wings, Honey Gold-flavored Wings, Teriyaki wings & their seasoned curly fries, but also for their fried Mac & Cheese bites, fried pickles & chicken tenders. 

And I’ve just received word that they have introduced Fried Green Beans to
the menu! Amazing, toasted onion-battered, green beans ya’ll!!

The Owner, Randy Durand says -

“Rudyboo’s started in 1991 under the name Hard Luck Cafe. We started with a mobile trailer, at a location which was once a shopping center, between McDonald’s and Pizza Hut on Hwy 278. We quickly realized that hot wings were going to be popular and so we had to expand to a larger building within the first year. We opened other locations in nearby counties, but eventually sold or closed our others stores except for our Covington Location. Then in December of 1994 we moved and expanded again to Morgan Plaza, where we are still located today. Due to the fact that there were some other Hard Luck Café’s still in operation, we decided to separate ourselves from the rest and in 2010 changed our name to Rudyboo’s Buffalo Cafe.”

A Family Owned Business!

So there ya’ have it - a little history, and a little insight about
Rudyboo's Buffalo Cafe. Make sure to place your pick up order today and
give your own review!

Considered by many to be the best wings in Newton Co.! 

Make sure to like them on Facebook, check out their great reviews,
check out other menu items & grab some of their digital coupons off
their official website @ www.rudyboosbuffalocafe.com

 Rudyboo’s is located in Morgan Plaza:

 2123 Pace Street,  #A, Covington, Georgia 30014

Thanks everyone for reading and hope you can’t wait for the next Restaurant Review!

Kayla Leasure