26 July 2019

It's Official: City of Covington, GA Official has Jumped the Shark

The COV's favorite & most popular satirical site (that over half of Covington apparently thinks is operated by Yours Truly) has brought us all much laughter over the past year or so with their posts about the Devil's Lettuce, the Wal-Mart Crowd & how much they love their CITIZENS! 

I've been as big a fan as any of Bubba & Tyrone, the purported administrators of COCGO, and I think I actually have an idea who they (him) really are. I did a feature piece on them a while back as you may recall.

But here lately, it's all grown...a bit stale, tired.

Is a glorified troll - and a lazy one at that - all that this burst of the light fantastic has turned out to be? Well,  that's kind of sad; sort of a waste, no?

Oh well...

Look for some serious REAL Politick coming up soon over the next few weeks here at TPC & also over at East Metro. Fleeta vs. Plitt. The Mayor's race. So exciting!

Thanks for reading, as always, and we'll see you right back here in this space very soon. 

- MB McCart