21 June 2020

[Fred Wheeler] - Political Correctness Run Amok

Oh no,

Have we reached the limit? Well, not quite.

First, let me say, my middle name is Grady. My father's first name was Grady. There are a lot of things and people in the south named Grady.
Why? Because Henry Grady is revered as the champion of The New South. He helped to cure the wounds of the Civil War and the bitterness of Reconstruction. He came to be respected in both the south and north as a champion of reconciliation and rebuilding--which helped all people, black and white.

Grady was a teenager by the end of the Civil War. His father was killed at Petersburg. He made a name for himself in journalism by his coverage of the Charleston earthquake. He later became the editor of The Atlanta Constitution. But, the students at UGA want his name removed from the journalism school. The BLM crowd wants his statue removed from Five Points. I suppose the AJC will want the name of Grady Hospital and Grady High School to be changed. How about Grady County?

When will this insanity end? History is history. As Oliver Cromwell told the artist painting his portrait, we need to see it, warts and all. The insanity won't end until enough people stand up and say, "Enough is enough!"

I would have more respect for the BLM crowd and their useful idiots in the Media if they applied their disdain to Planned Parenthood. Of the million abortions performed every year, one-third are of black babies. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a white supremacist who believed in eugenics. 

But, we already know that only some black lives matter.