23 June 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - A Faithful Idea Prevails: Move To SLOVAKIA

Moving right along, with the civilized and functioning alternative nations for young Americans to consider, we reach the Slovak Republic

Imagine a second Switzerland, or rather, think of it as a third Switzerland, after the second, Austria - one to the east of, to the east of... Go on, consult the atlas. Slovakia is smaller than Poland, being approximately the size of the Confoederatio Helvetica (West Virginia-sized). It is an impressive mountain range (the Tatras) bounded on the south by the fertile plains of the Danube river valley. This astounding country has been separate from the Czech Republic since 1993 and the Velvet Divorce, a rare, amicable, and profitable parting of cousins.

More importantly, it is, like Poland in the north, a nation with a distinct and proud people. Eighty percent of the population is comprised of ethnic Slovaks. The rest are predominately other, closely-related Slavs from neighboring countries. Hungary (which we will get to soon!) is heavily represented. There is a decent smattering of Poles, Czechs, Germans, Russians, and other Euros mixed in. Like the Poles, Slovaks steadfastly refuse to admit third-world problems.

As in Poland, a majority of Slovakian people (two-thirds) are Roman Catholic. A large part of the remainder is comprised of other Catholics (C-Town: there are twenty-six kinds of liturgical “Catholics”) and Protestants. Unlike in Amerika, there is no downward spiral in Faith. 

I don’t necessarily like the national intelligence data I found, though as-is, the average Slovak IQ is at least a third of an SD higher than that in Amerika. I strongly suspect that, like their neighbors, the Slovaks are experiencing a localized, latter-day Flynn Effect, with mental abilities increasing. This has certainly been the case for the past generation, or since the end of communism in 1989. I imagine the good trend will continue, even as Amerika dips under the “Dutton-Woodley” Effect, falling on average .4 points per year. If these trends do continue, then Slovakia will probably max out in another generation, on par with pre-diversity Germany or with current-era Japan. America - at the current rate of decrease - is a mere fifteen years away from parity with the world average, 86, at the border of “dullness,” and only seven to eight years away from sinking below the average needed (90) to generally guarantee societal stability. Yes, MB, 2033 now looks a little too optimistic (tick, tick, tick). But, that’s not for us to worry about.

Slovakia is a dream-like land of pleasantry and cleanliness, of mixed modernity and convenience with ancient bucolic charm. Here are a couple of assignments for you, the young intrepid traveler: On Startpage or the Duck, take a picture tour. Start with “high Tatras Slovakia'' and see what you get. Then - and this is really fun and informative - from Startpage, use the Anonymous View of Google Maps and take a Street View “drive” across the nation. Start in the capital, Bratislava, and go out the E58 to Nitra. From there, continue on to Zvolen. Turn north on the E77 and proceed to lovely Banská Bystrica. This, readers will recognize, was Tom Ironsides’s adopted hometown while he was teaching in-country. From BB head east to Poprad and Kezmarok (Käsmark), high in the very ski-able mountains. Poland is around the northern corner. 

Along this route or any other you choose, you will kindly observe a few things. First, all of the roads are in excellent shape. The highways are ultra-modern extensions of the Autobahns and Motorways of the Western countries (Austria, Germany, France, etc). Notice the lack of copious road signs; unlike shit stupid Amerikans, the Slovaks do not need constant reminding about their speeds, seatbelts, curves, and other matters that good drivers take for granted. Notice also the lack of older or broken-down vehicles. The streets are free of litter not because of the laws or civic group efforts but because of the pride and civility of the people. In the towns, with their faces blurred out, the native people are occasionally on display. There is something familiar and similar to all of them. Compare all of this to any road near you in the corroding Empire.

Indulge a couple of videos. 

Poprad approached from the air:

(The High Tatras around Poprad)

By road:

(Roadtrip from Poland to Slovakia)

Okay, I’d better level with you for a second, using Poprad as an example. [Sigh…] This “up and coming” place may not have all the luxuries you, the American, expect. While they have a Mercedes-Benz sales office in the mall, you have to go a few blocks down the street to the main dealership for service. I know, right? Cool fact, number one: that same street with the dealer and the mall, along with the parallel superhighway, runs right by twelfth-century Spis Castle, half an hour to the east. Cool fact, number two: even SUBSTITUTE readers don’t know this, but Dr. Ironsides leased a Benz SUV at this very mall. 

Lest I forget to add this elsewhere: BEER!

Since 1993, Slovakia has been steadily rising across all measurable, positive categories. If you want modern, then it’s there - malls, hi-rises, highways, airports, wi-fi, et cetera. It all comes with a wonderful ancient historical twist. Cruising down the highway at 81 MPH (130 KPH), in a long mountain valley between idyllic villages, you might pass the grandeur of castles like Spis, or one of the other plentiful reminders of the past. And, everywhere, one finds the unadulterated beauty of nature. Rolling, green fields. Forests, home to deer, wolves, and bears. Snow-capped peaks both concealing of and mirrored in glass-clear lakes. OFF THE ORBITZ! I have more...

When you poke around for information, beware that most tourism sites, even the best, inherently steer the adventurer towards Bratislava. This is much the same way that France = Paris, England = London, and Amerika = New York. It’s a fine city and the largest, but it’s not the only one. You’ll no doubt figure out where to start and what to see.

Know the Motto! I love these. Here are three:

  • Veritas Vincit - “Truth Prevails,” Official, 1918 - 1993, minus WWII;
  • Verní sebe, svorne napred! - “Faithful to Ourselves, Together Ahead,” Official, WWII;
  • Dobrý nápad, Slovensko! - “Good idea, Slovakia!” - Unofficial business promotion, 2016 - .

The promotion has worked, as the country is home to numerous booming industries, especially automotive manufacturing and technology. Again, you’ll need a reason to be there. Employment is where you look for it. From Zilina to Kosice, they hire English speakers as English teachers - though they expect the teacher to have a rudimentary understanding of Slovak. Higher education really is both in Slovakia and is another real entry possibility. Startpage or Duck all of that.

Ahoj a dobrý deň! You’ll need to know the language, which is somewhat similar to Polish and Czech. Alas, Duo and Babbel do not yet offer Slovak. So, try the following: Slovak from the EU, and; Radio Slovakia International, offering at least ten easy video lessons, along with general cultural discussion. While you’re at it and coming up to speed, consult the Slovak Spectator, an English newspaper.

Currency-wise, until a decade ago, the Slovaks relied on their own native Koruna. Now it’s the Euro all the way. And, there, it goes a long way. Slovakia has some of the lowest taxes in Europe and a lower than average cost of living - with an improving individual/family purchasing power. As with any move, it will take some getting used to. But, as I said last week, there’s nothing holding you back!

A few related matters:

A correction? I refer to Poland as an “Eastern” Euro nation, and it arguably is. However, they consider themselves “Central,” which arguably they are. They’re also, by the map, Northern. Potato, ziemniak.

A Caveat: I’ve been tossing around these ideas like we still live in a partially sane world. Sorry. There are still a few transatlantic flights at present, with more scheduled for the coming months. France and a few other countries may institute quarantine rules for foreign arrivals or other impediments. This too shall pass, this too shall pass. In the meanwhile, check with your airline of choice, the CDC, or the EU/country of arrival. What’s that? Afraid to fly? Love flying, just not commercial (that’s me)? Then, I have an alternative idea for getting across, rather than over, the pond - it takes a little longer, but it’s cheaper than flying and is its own mini vacation. More on that later, before the ship sails, with you, the cargo (hint, hint) aboard.

Immediately after I finished my draft of last week’s exposé on Poland, the news broke of the calamitous but utterly predictable collapse of “conservative” principles in the worthless, enemy combatant Supreme Court. Tis to yawn, but it helps make my point about leaving. And, about the same time that I submitted the Polish column, old MB posted his primary election tally and analysis, complete with the question: “Is the GOP in the Home County Doomed?” Allow me to answer that: YES! Here’s an alliteration(!) for C-town: Demographics Determine Destiny. (Que Slipping Away by Dave Edmunds).

Back to last week and Poland, many of those “rights” that Roberts and his idiotic, black-robed cucks suddenly invented out of whole cloth, are crimes in Poland. Amerikans are an increasingly stupid, ignorant, mentally-ill band of weak, deluded fools, lacking the ability to grasp reality. There’s this idea that Europe is somehow lost. The truth is, of course, the polar opposite. The worst of the Old Continent - France, England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden - are still, at a minimum, 90% or more French, English, German, Dutch, and Swedish. And, the natives are getting restless. Europe, rest assured, will remain Europe. Period. 

There will be war in the US and it will probably be protracted and brutal. This is the price of over a hundred years of cowardice and distraction. The result is impossible to determine, though nothing will be the same. The most likely outcome, after much death and suffering, will be balkanization. That is our happy cross to bear, even those of us who spent our adult lifetimes trying to avert disaster. The young need not suffer through the end of our mistakes. Thus, I offer these escape-route recommendations.

Kids, with the exceptions of a few larger urban areas, almost all of Europe is a better option than where you are now and certainly better than where you’ll be in a decade. I started with Poland for a reason - internal harmony. Here, a few more caveats: Unless you are ethnically Polish or unless you have a direct Polish lineage, it will be somewhat difficult to establish yourself there - as is the case in most of the countries we’ll look into. However, it’s not impossible. After personal compatibility with the nation - and they generally reject incompatible applicants out of hand - the reason to be there is the foremost concern. The two best routes are employment and education. If you just want to move in sans specific purpose, and assuming they even let you apply, then you’ll have to bring plentiful documentation about yourself, health insurance, and sufficient financial resources. Don’t let that necessarily trouble you as you can and should find a reason to fit in - university study suggests itself as an ideal cause.

Not to harp on Poland, but I did even more digging. The dollar goes a long way with things like hotel rooms, houses, and menu items. Even before you launch an exploratory foray, take a Google Maps (via SP or the Duck) vaca. I examined Krakow and was overwhelmed with the local culture. And, that’s me, the recluse, impressed with a sizable city. You can and will find your place!

For the trolls, mid-wits, and assorted people determined not to get it: yes, I’m concentrating on the young folks of my people, Westerners. After I wrap up this series, I’m going to address those of us who will remain amidst the fires. We have options and responsibilities. The great news is that what eventually comes will be much better. As for the other peoples of goodwill, I’ll get this out of the way right now.

Not that it’s my business, but I sincerely hope these pieces can help someone. Heck, I hope all of this series helps somebody. If it does, please send me a postcard!