05 June 2020

Kayla's Corner: Looking Forward to Getting Back to Normal in Covington

Aloha, all! And welcome back to the Corner!

Is everyone ready for things to get back to normal? I certainly am! Luckily, most local businesses are opening their establishments back up while taking the necessary precautions to keep us all safe.

These days I've been sitting outside at most places such as the City Pharmacy patio, Tubby Tom's & of course one of my favorites, Amici. All of these are located in Covington, GA. And once I catch word of some live music at the Mystic Grill I'll be rushing to grab a seat on their amazing rooftop lounge overlooking the beautiful Covington Square. Nothing better than some great music, great food & great friends & what a view!

Speaking of a nice view, my lucky self is hitting the beach in a couple of weeks! Everyone's Facebook posts of the Gulf has been making me so jealous! Of course, I will be taking Covid-19 safety precautions while there such as trying to remain a few feet of distance from others & keeping those hands thoroughly washed.

If we keep that up, I believe we can fights this thing off.

Remain positive, you guys. We got this!!! 

- Kayla La'sure 

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