03 June 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - Commencement Under Social Distancing And Civil Unrest

Welcome back, beloved readers. I trust your masks are properly fitted. Last Friday, I had to modify this column in order to account for the ongoing annihilation of the United States. First, about that…

When I wrote, “imagine it nationwide, thrice as intense, maybe with a few heavy bombing runs and some armor on the streets, and you’ll have a good image of a not-too-distant future,” I was not giving instructions nor did I mean the future as in four minutes after I pressed send. Anyway, this is what we get for so many decades of willful decline. What’s happening in Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York, DC, LA, Houston, and most other cities has nothing to do with George Floyd. It is the attempted refutation of civilization and confirmation of what went wrong with the Tower of Babel. It is urban, 4G warfare. Sadly, more will follow.


Here are a few things that I might do if I were in your shoes and in possession of what I know now. You won’t pay attention to all of this and that’s okay. Everything I mention isn’t appropriate or necessary for everyone. That too is fine.

You’ve done it, and we are proud of you. Most of you, statistically, just graduated from public high schools. Some of you were stuck with a “digital” ceremony while others got to march in person but strictly under Doctor Fauci’s restrictive gaze. Either way, you’re out and that is fantastic. Many of my other columns are about how bad the schools were and are.

But, as predicted by Hall & Oates, the long halls and gray walls have split apart. There is life after high school - though it’s considerably stranger now than it used to be. You lucky young adults are free of the government’s education plantation prison. Here, some bad news - the world has myriad other bullshit schemes just waiting to continue that controlled existence you just escaped. My advice? Don’t fall for them or into them. I recommend a departure from the prevailing anti-culture. 

This is and is not the “monastic option” as set forth by Morris Berman in Twilight of American Culture. It is and is not what John Taylor Gatto and Anthony Esolen have written about young people, education, and society. It is and is not what Neal Boortz devised in 1997 in his Commencement Speech. It is and is not an extension of my 2015 article, Valediction. Valediction means “farewell” or “in parting.” It, of course, stems from the Latin root, vale (buh-bye!), and is the cousin of our adopted word, valedictorian (highest grade in the class). Current valedictorians may or may not be deprived of speeches of their own. With such an introduction, I’ll try to keep mine relatively short and bulleted. Here goes:

  • Keep Faith In God.

  • Get your life out of sync with the rest of the world as soon as possible. Like now. The greatest advice of our column’s namesake, C.F. Floyd.

  • Stay out of debt. All of it. There is no such thing as good usury. This especially applies to evil student usury. Cash.

  • Rethink college. Some are good to great. Most of them are worse than useless. Consider working while learning a trade and independently studying your academic field(s) of interest. Keep it simple, cheap, and logos-based.

  • Work hard for something worthwhile. Whatever you do, make sure it’s honorable and that you enjoy it.

  • Seriously rethink your relationship with what I call The Empire. Almost nothing you’ve been taught about your country is true anymore. America collapsed. The United States is collapsing. Something or some things will remain or emerge. Use your imagination and your wits to fit in or get out.

  • Abandon the popular “culture”. The mainstream is owned and operated by the enemy, for their interests and against yours. This includes television, movies, social media, pornography, drugs (to include most prescriptions), (c)rap, and other facets of the low, garbage anti-culture. You’ll never miss it.

  • GET OUT OF THE CITIES! After this past weekend, this should be self-explanatory.

  • Consider moving somewhere remote. In America or abroad. In a new country, the goal is to blend in so well that natives assume you are one of them. I’m slowly inching towards the hills. If I was young and I moved overseas, my choice(s) would be in Eastern Europe.

  • Diversity + Proximity = War. Find your tribe. All the fluffy things you were told about “inclusion” helped fuel what’s burning our cities. Ali’s “bluebirds and redbirds” again. Yeah, sure, you know an exception. Know too, the rule.

  • Young men: Get in shape. Read everything.

  • Young women: Stay in shape. Be pleasant.

  • All young people: Think, behave, speak, and dress like civilized adults. Know and accept Jesus Christ. Know and hate evil. 

  • Get married young and start a family. Don’t be afraid to start poor. His income, whatever it is, will be enough. She can manage the house, however large or small. Do not obsess over or wait for “the money.” Avoid like the plague anyone who tells you otherwise.

  • Do not be afraid. Fear isn’t natural. Avoid anyone who suggests otherwise.

  • Celebrate the beautiful. The wonderful. In everything.

There’s so much more, but I trust you will find your way bravely and expediently. I may have some more tips along the way. In a few future columns, we may explore a few affairs from some of those incredible and sure to be around in a century Eastern Euro nations. For my part, I relish presenting positive news about decent people who are willing to defend their traditions, about cultures that still actually are. Next week, we’ll celebrate a little of the forgotten (or obscured) history of our former nation. And, should the current events move to the next level, like with B-2 Spirits or something, I suppose I’ll deal with that too. Get out of the cities!