16 June 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - All Is Not Yet Lost … Quite Literally The Opposite

Well, howdy, friends. I thought to write something about the ongoing and accelerating collapse of the United States, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, you’ve just had that exciting election, right? I’m sure everything is fine now. Bwah-haha! But seriously, I remembered that I’m not limited to the national affairs of any particular nation. And, I had promised the young people some insights into nations that still have a future. So, kids, take off those ridiculous masks, get up off your knees, stop apologizing for things that never happened, and … Move to POLAND.

This may be the first in a series of explorations of wonderful Eastern European countries that are likely to remain unaffected throughout this painful century. It’s kind of a Marcus Garvey idea for the Euro set, a Rick Steves article for people who value beauty and civilization. If you’re under forty, particularly if you’re under twenty-one, then you are mostly innocent of the horrific changes that destroyed our cohesive nation and are now bringing down the empire. I’d like to give you a little hope! There are places that are rising, not falling, where there won’t be war and collapse - just a happy future! They’ll even have indoor plumbing and electricity and freedom and homogeneity when the Twenty-Second Century dawns. So, let’s look at the Republic of Poland. 

First, some anecdotes. You may have heard about the recent border debacle between Poland and the Czech Republic. It wasn’t an invasion. It was merely a temporary misunderstanding based on a GPS error. Polish troops were on the border because the Eastern Countries are serious about border security. They don’t need a wall that will never be built or defended. 

Here’s a comparison of Poland and Australia, which will stand in for fading Amerika. In Kangaroo Land, some alternative freaks committed a series of serious felonies against a handicapped man. The progressive judge let them go because of diversity or some such bullshit. Meanwhile, in Poland, a converged, pro-sodomy furniture company fired a Christian employee over a few reasonable comments based on Scripture. The result? In based Poland, anti-Christian, anti-Western discrimination will get you … two years in prison! Hey! Get off Orbitz for a minute more! Read on:

The Polish are dead serious about freedom and civilization. They’re in the east of the Old Continent but are fully Western. They have absorbed and incorporated the Greco-Roman legal and cultural norms. They have been fully Christianized since 966 AD. And they, through trial, fire, and war, have maintained their place in the proud pantheon of the European nation-states. They intend to keep it that way.

Like the old American Republic, they have their political issues, though their Constitutional Parliamentary system works better - much better than what now passes for governance from the swampy Potomac. They are ardently opposed to child murder and child molestation. They absolutely refuse rapefugees, openly defying the impotent commands of the EU and the satanic globos.

Their various (unofficial) national mottos speak volumes:

  • Za wolność naszą i Waszą - For our freedom and yours. The F-word in a motto.
  • Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna - God, Honor, Fatherland. “Family” would be fourth.
  • Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła - Poland is not yet lost. No, far from it. Yes, from this I crafted my title.

The Pros:

  • Poland is Polish! 98% of the 38 million-strong population is Polish. The rest is an amalgam of other Europeans. 
  • Poland is a Christian nation! 95% are Christians, with 93% being Latin-rite Catholics.
  • Poland never had colonies, so there is no associated “guilt.” Anyone who tries to shame or browbeat the Poles is deported.
  • As I mentioned, they will not bow to the globos by accepting any incompatible primitives. The wise Easterns have discovered this odd little trick to breed more natives and maintain their peaceful societies.
  • They reject the current forces of hell because they’ve survived the experience time and again. They fought off the Ottoman Turks. They endured the Nazi invasion. They persevered through Soviet occupation. They will not repeat the humiliations of the past! Watch the following testament, a spirit so powerful it captivated a Swedish heavy metal band. (And, TURN IT UP). The Poles certainly reciprocated the appreciation!

Sabaton, “Uprising” (live). WARNING: Infectious gym music!

  • The cost of living is relatively low, as are the rates of crime, poverty, illiteracy, litter, and general ugliness.
  • The country, about the size of New Mexico (Georgia and Florida, combined, for you homers), is stunningly beautiful, as are the people. Start Page or Duck Duck “Poland countryside” and see what pops up. The High Tatras range extends its utter magnificence from Slovakia into southern Poland. Start Page “Poland Tatras” and be moved to joyful tears.
  • Homeschooling is legal, though the schools, especially the privates, are very good. The colleges are excellent. The people are intelligent; Poles average half a standard deviation smarter than post-Amerikans.
  • They are damn serious about families and OUR rights! 
  • Their infrastructure is ultra-modern and constantly improving.
  • Guns are legal, if (officially) regulated. As with most European countries, Poland is unofficially overrun with weapons, many of them high-quality military variants. Many of these can be obtained cheaper and more easily than those neutered models commercially available in the US.
  • The economy is growing and poised to boom - internally and without homoglobo “assistance.”
  • The climate is generally pleasant.
  • The soil is fertile.
  • The people are … wow!

The “Cons,” if we can call them that:

  • The cities, like Warsaw, are a little crowded. I recommend a smaller town or rural setting, although it is only a recommendation based on tastes; in Amerika, it becomes imperative. If it was me, I’d go to a smaller city or town in or near the Tatras Carpathians.
  • You’ll need a reason to be there. You’ll need to fit it - see the above demographics. Again, your ultimate goal is to blend in so well that natives won’t suspect you’re not one of them. To start, go for a visit. See if you like it. Then, assuming you do, get a Visa. Young people, your further education represents a golden opportunity here, with great learning opportunities, at unconverged schools full of lovely people, without the ridiculous costs of Amerikan usury. There are jobs available. Start Page around for those. Teaching English is another great in-road. Those smaller towns and cities need and encourage productive newcomers (who fit in). Start somewhere, be humble, and be a good guest until you’re ready to join the team. Leave any “Yankee ways” behind.
  • You must learn Polish. A third of the people have an excellent command of English and many speak German. Match their courtesy and linguistic abilities: visit DuoLingo for a free start and Babbel for (paid) mastery. 
  • Have a little money when you go. The Poles shun “welfare,” and their social services (which really work) are for the people who pay for them - which is part of the reason they work. Dollars go a long way when converted to Zlotys. Poland is a Schengen country and is (for now) a full, though successfully rebellious, member of the EU cabal; Euros are accepted.
  • You must surrender the anti-Western accouterments you may have acquired in the dying Empire. Good! Embrace the beauty and splendor of a real-life actually lived. Find a local girl (or boy, if you’re a girl), and marry her. Again, in noble Poland, these are the only two sexual/”gender” options. Your evolved kind demeanor, hard work, spiritual devotion, and large family will be par for the course.
  • Come to think of it, these are really more “Pros.”

Poland wasn't even on my dusty shortlist of “escape” countries. However, after writing this, it just got added. If I was eighteen again, I might already be en route! If you’re that age, or close to it, then get moving. There’s no reason for you to go down with a burning ship. You didn’t create this mess. Don’t suffer through it. There is nothing stopping you aside from, perhaps, a mental block and the nagging of clingy losers. Send them a postcard from your new, happy life!