10 June 2020

[TPC REAL Politick] - The Day After Yesterday: Checking Election Results; Are We Witnessing the Return of WTC; Odds & Ends

--UPDATED - 6/11/20 | 12:20am 

By MB McCart, Ed. 

Greetings, politicos.

While we had to wait much longer than we've ever had to before, it's looking as if all of yesterday's elections can be called.

First up, let's talk BOC 3. The writing on the wall & word on the street was accurate - Nancy didn't really have a chance, and that's too bad. Other than Stan Edwards, naturally, she was the only true fiscal conservative on the Board. But, that's the way it goes...

GOP Sheriff Primary

So everyone knew Malcom was going to win, and win big, but that big?! It actually surprised me. Like I'd previously written about, I knew a 60/40 split was the floor & that it'd likely be more, possibly upwards of a 70/30, but did I think it'd actually eclipse the infamous CC75/DF25 drubbing from the 2006 BOE election? No, I didn't.

That speaks volumes about a point that many in the home county already know - Ken is something else. He really is. Top-notch & true-blue, and folks of all walks of life just love him. I think he'll likely be our next Sheriff.

Superior Court Judge (Benton), Alcovy Judicial Circuit

Most local political watchers knew that this one would be going to a runoff & that Cheveda McMany was a lock, and while late last evening it was looking like Covington's own Robert Stansfield was going to be the one to take it, most at the time didn't realize how skewed the numbers were. A strong majority of the outstanding votes were apparently from Walton Co. Jeff Foster did well enough in Newton Co. to apparently have pulled this thing off.


—Stop the Presses & Hold the Phones—
Based on available info, Bulldog Bob Robert H. Stansfield for Superior Court Judge IS in the runoff.
Check back soon!

...]It's almost a given that he will be our next AJC Superior Judge.

As an aside, as one friend of the program told me - "well...it keeps the geographic balance of the circuit - 2 in Walton, 3 from Newton."

And another aside, a sidebar if you will, as a few of you may know I'm kind of an amateur legal analyst & enthusiast. The Law fascinates me. And from what I can gather - the truly great lawyers do not become judges. It'd be a waste of their talents. Many will tell you that Bob is the best attorney in the home county & I am certainly not inclined to disagree.

BOC 5, Dem Primary

The conventional wisdom held: with a total of three running, Tax Guru Casey Duren was able to make the runoff by the hair of his chiny chin chin.

What it comes down to for the folks able to vote in this runoff is this: Casey can beat Ronnie on Nov. 3rd, his opponent cannot.

Odds & Ends 

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"...that's it. Time to sell & move to Morgan County..."

"...This election was all about billboards & nothing about substance...but we get the government we deserve. The stupid outnumber those of us that give a shit ..."

"The Return of William Thomas Craig?"

Okay for now, friends. TTYS.