24 May 2018

Local Business Spotlight - Kooler Ice Stations: The Best & Cheapest Ice in Town!

The Kooler Ice Stations in Newton & Jasper Co. 

$1.25 for 10 lb; $2.00 for 20

Kooler Ice was founded in 2007 & is located out of Byron, GA. Their concept - truly a great one - has really caught on over the last few years as you see more & more of these self-serve ice stations, and at $1.25 for a 10# bag, it really is a remarkable deal. The logic for their pricing is pretty straightforward - if you don't have to pay for labor & transportation costs, you can really lower that price! 

It sure is good ice!

Travis Moore et al saw the brilliance of this model & quickly got to work by putting in & operating these patent-pending ice "game changers." As a lot of folks can tell you - the three traditional ice companies' pricing eclipsed $2 per 10# bag a long time ago. Also, this ice is fresher, cleaner. It really is a no-brainer. 

The Iceman Cometh! Travis Moore

Great Tasting...Fresh Ice...Pure Water! 

Travis & them proudly own & operate six of these ice stations: 

These machines are self serve. Each machine makes the ice and bags it for you. You have the option of buying 1-10 LB bag for $1.25 or 2 -10 LB bags for $2.00 and the one in Mansfield you have the option of buying 5 gal of water. These machines take bills or change. We have 6 machines total, 5 in Newton and 1 in Jasper. They are located at; 10700 Covington Bypass Rd, Hwy 213 by Loyal Gas, Mansfield beside Rooster's, Newborn at the Chevron on Hwy 142, HWY 11 at the HUB, in front of the trucking yard and then 1 off Hwy 212 at Frank's.  

Man, what a great concept & what a great deal! 

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