25 May 2018

TPC REAL Politik: GA GOP Edition: What's the Road Ahead?

Good Morn', you marvelous people, and what's the good word? If only we could just get a little bit more rain...

So, we had election Tuesday, didn't we? Well, well, well. What can you say? Politics is crazy, and terrible, and beautiful, and so much damn fun.

Let's break it down, TPCstyle:

The GOV 

As many of us had surmised, it was going to come down to the two establishment guys. Chamber darling & alleged compatriot of Cagle, Clay Tippins, did accomplish what he was tasked with - making sure that Hunter Hill didn't make the run-off.

As a tied-in source told at least two of us (because I saw someone else post this as a story & not just on one random FB thread like I did), the fix was in - Cagle & Kemp had a gentleman's agreement to make sure that it would be the two of them in the run-off. For Kemp - why not? Self preservation & all. But what was the why w/ the Cagle Camp? Apparently, they knew the key word for this election would be "electability." And why would you want to face a truly superior candidate when you could have Mr. "I hate illegals" as your opponent?

Regardless, it came down to, as it always does, to money. Campaigns run off of money & ole weird eyes & pick-up truck man had a whole lot more than the other players. Naturally. Ain't that America?

Regardless, it's f'ing awesome! Here are my thoughts from the day after Election Day:

Other than their supporters, and they are obviously out there, I believe it may come down to electability. In a state that is becoming at least a shade of the color purple, many GOP rank & filers will gravitate towards Cagle in the belief that he’d be the safer pick for the general.

But, there is another dynamic in play. Who is the most despised? Will the movement of ABC (Anybody But Cagle) outstrip that of ABK (Anybody But Kemp). I think maybe so, so that, in my opinion, might wash out the electability angle.

If so, then it’s a straight-up pick ‘em. Even odds. Dogfight, baby! The political junkie in me is getting hot & bothered just thinking about it. The backstory. The storylines. The juxtaposition of the folksy populist vs. the cerebral politician. 
And I stand by every word of that, thank you very much, Catherine Barnard!


Wow! Just wish our ole pal David Shafer could have gotten that extra point to avoid a runoff w/ the techie shit head, Geoooooooff Duncan.

Even his supporter will tell you that Duncan's whorish display of dirty politics was beyond the pale. And for what? To get basically 1/4 of the primary vote? Man, I'd hate to be that guy.

There's actually been lots of talk & under-the-radar conversations about getting the word to Duncan that it's time to go quietly into that good night - to just withdraw.  He's not gonna win, and if he runs a campaign in the runoff like he did in the primary, it may have an adverse effect for David as he prepares for the general against a very serviceable Democratic opponent.

But, we know that won't happen. Self-absorbed assholes like Geoff Duncan don't care about the big picture. So...we shall see.


In the words of Lewis Grizzard - "frankly, I don't want to talk about it." 


Josh McKoon would have been a superb keeper of the Great Seal of Georgia. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that he didn't make the runoff. Even people that hate him just knew that he was going to make it. They might write future political science books about this, but apparently direct mail & TV > grassroots.

Alright, alright, alright! 'Til next time.

Your Pal,