23 April 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - As National Affairs-ish as it gets: Bombings, Borders, and Baldwin

We start this week’s TPC column, as is wise for the week after Easter - or any other time, with an ever-timely quote from our Lord and Savior:

If the world hates you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

– John 15:18-19 (KJV).

The hate was on display Easter Sunday. Over 200 people died and around 500 were injured during a series of bombing terror attacks, mostly against Christians worshiping at Sunday Mass, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The massacre was the work of right-wing, alt-right, white supremacists. Just kidding. It was Muslim terrorists, once more bringing that special “peace” unto the Kafir. Specifically, the organization responsible was the National Thowheeth Jama’aith (NJT). The outfit is well known to authorities and this particular attack was suspected ten days in advance.

As I noted the other day, and as I alluded to concerning Notre Dame, these attacks are just too damned weak. The world and its dark master simply cannot prevail against Us. Of that, We are assured. Still, there are worldly issues to consider. To wit:

We eagerly await Ben Shapiro’s wit and wisdom regarding the same. “This attack is a strike against the Judeo-Christian™ values that made Sri Lanka what it is today. PROMOCODE #EasterBomb.” Will Jacinda Ardern pretend to be Catholic in “solidarity” with the victims? We know she would gladly disarm them were they Kiwis. Perhaps The Donald will have the AFT ban church pews, known to “bump” the rate of Mass attendance. Could the average 92-IQ Amerikan even locate Sri Lanka on a globe?

Colombo is roughly 9,440 miles away from Covington - straight up the East coast, over Eastern Greenland, and across the depth of Asia. In terms of Astronomical Units, they’re practically in the same place. The culture is a little different, than that of either Newton County or the United States, but there are some disturbing similarities to recognize.

Following the Christchurch false flag operation, I mentioned that men should pay attention to these sort of atrocities as there will be a lot more of them. (This incident(s) alone proved my point). It’s important to look at the circumstances in some situations even if they don’t occur in your backyard. The maxim du jour: diversity + proximity = war. What happened in Colombo is a prime example. For further reference, see just about any conflict in history (Rome, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, etc.).

Sri Lanka has some 22 million residents, composed of nine primary ethnic groups, all crammed into an area a little smaller than South Carolina. There are three official languages with several others spoken by various tribes. Buddhists are the religious majority, though Hindus, Mohammedans (mostly Sunni), and Christians (mostly Roman Catholics) constitute major minorities. In other words, Sri Lanka, diversity rate-wise, more resembles the America of 2019 than that of 1959. Just saying.

And, America looks less and less 1950s-ish with every passing day as between 2,000 and 100,000,000 illegal invaders freely cross our Southern border every hour. It’s like we need a wall or something. Maybe our fearless President should declare a national emergency? At any rate, we finally have our first notable, namable arrest in the border crisis.

Pedro has papers, seres queridos. Picture looted from something called “Wikipedia.” You’ve heard?

That’s right! No less than the FBI stepped in and detained the first arriving illegal they spotted. Off to GITMO with him, per Trump’s declaration. Kidding again. They arrested an American patriot, one Larry Hopkins, a 69-year-old alleged felon in possession of a firearm. I understand they feared he might use it to do the job the President, Congress, the FBI, the military, and the Border Patrol won’t or can’t. Fitting.

Even with a national emergency (one with NO emergency action), we can’t halt the migratory flow. But we can persecute our own. Nancy and AOC want to let felons vote. Why can’t they have guns? Especially if they use them to protect the country? No felon is illegal. Hopkins is merely another unaccompanied “minor” and “refugee,” albeit one of the documented variety. I hope they release him within 20 days. He needs sanctuary.

Just in case you’re wondering, one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment is the predictable chance that the government goes off the rails, hindering, rather than defending freedom. That sounds a little legal, a bit political so let’s us close this column with a 2020 GREAT QUADRENNIAL BLACK MASS (Presidential Election) Update:

Spurred on by the 3,700 other candidates, Alec Baldwin announced his bid to become the 2020 Democratic Party nominee! Well, he really didn’t but we can imagine the fun if he did.

Done-to-death Pic by Showbiz 411/SNL.

It would make sense. Follow the extremely loose and overblown syllogistic reasoning (if any):

  • Baldwin has ample experience portraying a President on SNL;

  • The Mueller Report like totally proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mueller wasted two years proving shadows doubt;

  • NJT approves of arresting American patriots;

  • Trump made remarks about generic crude women to a teevee guy in private (was recorded); Baldwin made crude remarks to his daughter on the telephone (also recorded); and

  • The Democrats might as well have the kitchen sink in the race … ERGO,

  • The column’s over. Come back later.