16 April 2019

Which Georgia Representatives Voted NO the Most in the Latest Gold Dome Session? How'd the Locals Do?

By: MB McCart

Our friends over at ALL On Georgia recently released a great piece about the voting tendencies of our state locusts critters representatives up at the Gold Dome: 

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All On Georgia.com
The Georgia General Assembly adjourned just two weeks ago after three months of fast-paced days full of voting on everything from special license plates, tax credits, the hospital bed tax extension, private sector incentives, abortion, hate crimes, monument protections, transit, and so much more.
The Georgia House of Representatives cast a whopping 392 votes over 40 days, excluding attendance votes.
But voting NO isn’t all that common in the Georgia House of Representatives. See which representatives voted NO the most and which hit the red button the least. (The list is first by number of NO votes and below that by alphabetical order. You can email AllOnGeorgia if you have specific questions about your representative.)
A few takeaways:
  • 50 state representatives voted NO 10 times or fewer.
  • 27 state representatives voted NO less than 2% of the time.
  • 2 state representatives voted NO less than 1% of the time.
NOTE: Many of the representatives who had 10 or fewer NO votes only voted NO on procedural votes like Motions to Reconsider or Motions to Adjourn in the middle of a legislative day, not on actual policy measures

Reading through the list compiled by this write-up's author, Jessica Szilagyi, it became readily apparent that there were only just a handful of state house members, especially on the GOP side, that voted NO more than a small percentage of the time. The #1 Dr. NO? None other than Matt Gurtler, Liberty & Tea Party Hero that represents the North Georgia mountains. He was far & away the biggest no voter doing it at a clip of 50%. 

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Georgia's Dr. NO

Visit the original article at All On Georgia to get the full list. Certainly a fair number of democrats were high on the list in that Georgia is a GOP-controlled state, but what was most impressive to me, other than Gurtler, were some of the other Liberty-minded reps who were in the Top-20 (out of 180) including stand-up guys like David Stover & Scot Turner. But who was #2 this year? The young fella from Dade Co. - Colton Moore.

So, how did some of our local folks do? Glad you asked.

- DC Dave Belton, HD 112 Rep. & flyer of the friendly skies from Buckhead, GA (Morgan Co.) finished with a very underwhelming & disappointing 8 NO votes (out of 392), meaning he only voted no 2% of the time putting him in the very bottom. Makes sense as he seems to be a people pleaser & a company man, so to speak. 

DC Dave

- Andy Welch, Anti-1A Atty-@-Law from Henry Co., did just a little bit better - voting NO 11 times out of 392 (but hey, at least he resigned in disgrace, right?)

- Pam Dickerson of the 113th actually did the best of any of those representing a portion of Newton Co., voting NO 37 times.

Again, read the full piece over at All On Georgia by The Perspacacious Convervative herself - the one & only Jessica Szilagyi

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