30 April 2019

Recapping the April Sunday Social at City Pharmacy

* Guest Correspondents Adriane Ivey & Ann McCart contributed to this report 

The third-ever Sunday Social held at City Pharmacy on the 28th of April on the Historic Downtown Covington Square was a resounding success! Very well attended, multiple accounts detailed a fine evening of food, fun & fellowship, not to mention exquisite art & some "amazing music." 

Lesley (L) & Candice - two great women; two great artists!

The art, as mentioned in our previous piece, was the showcasing of two of Covington's most impressive Artists - Lesley Daunt & Candice Dean

Folks couldn't stop talking about both of their respective works... 

A couple of Candice's paint pieces, she also had some of her acrylic, resin & furniture works as well

Part of Lesley's "Music is Iconic" series

By the way, quick sidebar - the food, per usual, was outstanding! And many folks were really getting into the spirit. What with the amazing food & art, how could one not? But what apparently really took things to the next level was the musical entertainment. 

Pony League simply killed it Sunday night, folks. This band is something else! 

Atlanta band, Pony League

The ladies had a chance to chat with the fellas a bit. 

Interview with Pony League 
How did you get together?

Met in high school (Chamblee). Went to Georgia State. 
Playing together since 2003, in different bands
Started as punk rock in college. Gus used to play drums. Fox Trotsky. 
Gus grew up with a piano but hadn't taken lessons. 
Mason started as guitarist 
This exact set up has been about 4-5 years 
Justin (acoustic guitar player) has his own digital record label. 
How would you characterize your music? What category would you put it in?

Folk rock, Americana, piano rock 

Your favorite place to play ever?

Southeast, definitely The Earl - so comfortable 
Coolest place to play? Red Rocks. 
Brent Cobb and Dave Cobb
Jason Isbell

Future Gigs?
May 14
Smith's Old Bar
Early show

What a night in Downtown Covington!

And keep it tuned into TPC - Your Source for the REAL Stories of Music, the Arts & Culture. Look for a Music Minute later this week for some of the weekend's upcoming shows & be on the lookout for Kayla's Corner hitting digital newsstands tomorrow in which she'll be talking about the Biggers Family Band's show on the Square on Thursday.

As always, we appreciate you reading. Til next time!

- MBM 

Adriane Ivey & Ann McCart, Correnspondents 

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