19 April 2019

The TPC Report, Week of 4/20: It's (finally) Mueller Time; the People's Republic of Peachtree City

By MB McCart, Editor 


Well, folks, it finally got released. The redacted version of the Mueller report. As several others commented, I cannot begin to say how impressed I was that several media outlets had already read, disseminated & published their findings on the almost 500-page document literally within an hour or so of it being released. Wow!

As for myself, I've scanned most all of it & have seriously read, so far, about a 1/5th of it.

In many ways this just confirmed what you were already believing. If a Trump fan - total vindication; a Trump hater, on the other hand, is going to think this proves there were improper things going on. Who's right? Really, who cares...

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NY Post

It is what it is but as is often the case, the truth is somewhere in between the two extremes, though I believe it's fairly apparent that the whole concept of a "Nothing Burger" was a pretty apt description. And all those folks who've been convicted? It was all for non-Russia stuff with the exception of Flynn, who basically just made an honest mistake but then got crucified for it.

And let's not forget, all of this was built on a lie - the infamous Steele dossier that was paid for by the DNC & the Clinton campaign, and let's also not forget that it was helped along by those in the intelligence community looking for an "insurance policy."

But, before all of that, let's also not forget that all of this purportedly started with Russian groups creating Facebook pages & groups while spending approx. $100K & that Clinton campaign Chair John Podesta was an idiot & had his email hacked. 

The nerve of Russia, right? If they're going to do stuff like that, they should do it like the good ole US of A, CIA-style - actually do it in person. Get some boots on the ground. Maybe kill some folks. 

The People's Republic of Peachtree City 

Peachtree City, presumably inspired by members of the Georgia General Assembly desiring to do the same thing, decided they would be the ones to finally abolish the 1st Amendment once & for all. From Jessica Szilagyi writing over at Georgia Pol: 

The city officials in the People’s Republic of Peachtree City are slated to vote on a new ordinance Thursday that seeks to quell free speech  by giving city employees and city council members the ability to sue citizens who “defame” them on social media or in new stories….all at the city’s expense. 
The proposed ordinance reads “Whereas in the normal execution of their duties, elected and appointed officials and employees of the city may be subject to unwarranted public defamation when formal complaints are unwarranted and … the City Council deems it in the best interest of the city to indemnify, defend and protect city elected and appointed officials … Peachtree City shall fund legal action on the part of any elected official, appointed official, or employee … who has been defamed in a public media outlet.”
But wait! There’s more.
The city would be awarded, per the proposed ordinance, its legal expenses and damages if it prevails in court.  And the city attorney would be paid 20% more than the usual city attorney retainer to file the lawsuit. (The Citizen has some other background and some commentary to the poor fools who work for the city and took a public stance on this proposal for all of us to ridicule.) 
If the Council approves this measure, it would be the first of its kind in the state of Georgia.

And how did it turn out? 

Also from Jessica, from last night: 

Citizens prevail in Peachtree City, Georgia. The Anti-First Amendment ordinance to allow the city to pay for council members to sue citizens and the media for speaking out was denied this evening.

Peachtree City, GA - City Government had to tuck their tails and back down after more than 2 hours of public comment.

Hopefully, the citizens will also deny any re-Election efforts by any of the supporters of the ordinance. They have proven they are unfit for
public office. 

And there we have it.

News of Newton & C-town will have to wait until this weekend. Look for a big, juicy Sunday edition. Okay for now, friends, 'til next time. 

- MB McCart